Hideo Kojima partners with A24 for Death Stranding film

A24 has announced it will partner with Kojima to produce the live-action Death Stranding film, which was said to be in production at Hammerstone Studios in 2022.


A major shift has happened in the production of a live-action film based on Kojima Productions game Death Stranding. A24 has announced it is partnering with Hideo Kojima and his studio to produce the film. While we knew that a film may be in the works, it’s unknown if other production companies rumored at the time are still on board.

A24 announced its partnership with Kojima Productions and its entering into production on a Death Stranding film project via the A24 Twitter on December 14, 2023. According to the announcement, A24 is now producing the live-action Death Stranding movie in partnership with Hideo Kojima. The film was initially reported in December 2022, but at the time it was said to be in production at Hammerstone Studios, which had recently produced horror-thriller film Barbarian. It’s currently unknown if Hammerstone is still involved in the project, as the studio is not mentioned at all in current announcements.

A24's tweet about partnering with Hideo Kojima to produce a Death Stranding movie
A24 has officially announced that it is teaming up with Kojima Productions to produce the live-action Death Stranding film.
Source: A24

Hideo Kojima had some kind words to say about A24 in a statement on his partnership with the company:

If there was any doubt about whether or not the Death Stranding movie was actually happening, it’s likely being settled now. With A24 now on the project, stay tuned for further information on the film as details are announced.

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From The Chatty
  • reply
    December 14, 2023 8:35 AM

    TJ Denzer posted a new article, Hideo Kojima partners with A24 for Death Stranding film

    • reply
      December 14, 2023 5:11 AM

      The Death Stranding movie looks to be a A24 production


      • reply
        December 14, 2023 6:24 AM

        Directed by Kojima?

      • reply
        December 14, 2023 6:43 AM

        I wonder who they will cast as Sam

      • reply
        December 14, 2023 6:54 AM

        "least exciting", really?

      • reply
        December 14, 2023 6:59 AM

        The end of that game was like 3 hours long

        • reply
          December 14, 2023 7:34 AM

          I remember I hit what was clearly the final stretch of a Kojima game at like 11:15pm on a work night. Had to simply strap in and let the chips fall where they may. Still watching cutscenes at like 2am RIP.

          • reply
            December 14, 2023 8:33 AM

            It is a rookie mistake to play the final stretch of a Kojima game at night when you have to work the next day. Start that shit at noon and you have the chance of getting to bed at a good time.

      • reply
        December 14, 2023 7:39 AM

        What is an A24?

        • reply
          December 14, 2023 7:52 AM

          A24 is a relatively new movie distributor that focuses on more artsy films (they backed Everything Everywhere All At Once, for example). They are compatible to Annapurna Interacrive for video games

          • reply
            December 14, 2023 8:14 AM

            Its artsy and mid-budget focus may not be around much longer, it sounds like.


            I really like the space that they've occupied in the film landscape in recent years, so I'm hoping they don't change too much moving forward.

            • reply
              December 14, 2023 9:24 AM

              If this is the kind of IP stuff they go after I am cool with it. There is a lot of stuff that could be considered IP content that isn't the latest Star Wars or Harry Potter movie. I can think of dozens of indy type comics that could be made into great movies or shows.

          • reply
            December 14, 2023 8:56 AM

            The cult of A24 that’s developed around them is obnoxious, but there’s no doubt they’ve provided exposure to directors and projects who otherwise would have had a hard time getting eyes on their work.

            • reply
              December 14, 2023 9:03 AM

              But the way some people seem to credit A24 over the creative team is erasure of talent and I don’t love how they’ve embraced that to a degree.

            • reply
              December 14, 2023 9:15 AM

              It is kinda weird. That said, I don't really pay attention to who distributes movies. But more often than not, when a movie opens up with the A24 logo it usually ends up being pretty solid. They seem to have a knack for giving good creatives the tools they need to be successful and helping them market the films.

        • reply
          December 14, 2023 9:40 AM

          Autostrada A24 in Italy 🚘 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autostrada_A24_(Italy)

          // The name "A24" was inspired by the Italian A24 motorway Daniel Katz was driving on when he decided to found the company

    • reply
      December 14, 2023 10:09 AM

      I am not sure what made the game work will translate to the screen. The game made me cry like a big baby, but I am not sure they will be able to pull that off in a movie, and covering everything in the game seems impossible in a 2-3h film. Sure there is plenty that can be cut, and I am sure the BTs will be awesome and scary on film, but I don't know if it will end up packing the same emotional power that the game did.

      • reply
        December 14, 2023 10:47 AM

        It being Kojima, it could always be using the name Death Stranding, but going off in a very different direction from the game, narratively or even a big shift in setting.

        • reply
          December 14, 2023 10:50 AM

          You'll have Sam in the opening scene, then the protagonist will shift to Hayden, an androgynous dude with a similar skillset.

          • reply
            December 14, 2023 2:18 PM

            200 years further in the future, but you don’t know that until the end.

            • reply
              December 14, 2023 5:05 PM

              Maybe the movie will be about Fragile? I'd watch it. Get Troy Baker in there, and obvs the Reedus. give him a futuristic looking bike and shoot big landscapes with him riding across it endlessly and listening to ultrachill tunes as he drops off packages at settlements here and there. the westworld guy should be making this. =\

              • reply
                December 14, 2023 5:08 PM

                Or maybe it will be all about young Die-Hardman and Cliff? Do you think they could actually get Del Toro to play Deadman?

                Will there be as many dead ghost fetuses? How about the constant acid rain degradation of everything? Will there be a pizza delivery mission shot in real time?

              • reply
                December 14, 2023 7:43 PM


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