All apartment collectibles - Cyberpunk 2077

A guide to acquiring every collectible item for V's apartment in Cyberpunk 2077.

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In Cyberpunk 2077, players are given an apartment that can be adorned with collectible memorabilia that reflect their exploits throughout Night City. Most apartment collectibles are obtained by completing specific jobs or tasks. This guide covers how to get every apartment collectible for V’s apartment in Cyberpunk 2077.

All apartment collectibles

A screenshot of V's apartment in Night City with several collectibles displayed.

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As players spend time in Night City and beyond, new collectible items and memorabilia will unlock for V’s apartment in Megabuilding H10 in Watson. Alongside iconic stash weapons, players can acquire pets, posters, and decorative items for V’s initial apartment by completing character-associated jobs and other activities.

While most collectibles will be automatically displayed in the apartment upon achieving the necessary conditions, some items must be manually placed on display, such as the Trauma Team AV model. Certain items are also lifepath-specific, meaning it is impossible to obtain every collectible in one playthrough. Several apartment decorations were added with Update 2.0 and the Phantom Liberty expansion as well, which are included at the end of the table below.

All apartment collectibles
Collectible How to get Notes
Turbo-R V-Tech model car with Bakkers patch Complete the main job The Nomad. Exclusive to the Nomad lifepath.
Night City diorama Complete the main job The Streetkid. Exclusive to the Streetkid lifepath.
Arasaka clock Complete the main job The Corpo-Rat. Exclusive to the Corpo lifepath.
Shupe the Troll plushie by Arasaka Corporation Reward for linking Cyberpunk 2077 to GOG account. Named after Shupe from The Witcher series.
Nibbles the cat Feed the cat outside of V's apartment in Megabuilding H10. Nibbles will appear in various spots throughout V's apartment.
Iguana egg/pet iguana Collect the egg from the iguana terrarium in Yorinobu's Penthouse during The Heist. Iguana egg will hatch into a pet iguana in about 1-2 in-game months after being placed in dish in V's apartment.
Jackie's pin-up posters Complete the side job Heroes. Must not send body to Viktor Vektor. Displayed beside the computer in V's apartment.
Misty's dreamcatcher Complete the side job Fool on the Hill. Reward for finding all tarot graffiti in Night City.
Lizzy Wizzy concert poster Complete the side job Violence. Found on the wall to the left of the door in V's apartment.
Jefferson Peralez campaign poster Complete the side job I Fought the Law. Found on the wall to the left of the door in V's apartment.
Judy's diving equipment Complete the side job Pyramid Song. A gift from Judy Alvarez.
Laguna Bend photo Receive some time after completing Pyramid Song. Must romance Judy during Pyramid Song and accept the photo when sent by Judy via text. 
Big Trouble in Heywood AR game. Complete the side job Following the River. A gift from River Ward.
Kerry's vinyl record player Receive some time after completing the side job Boat Drinks. A gift from Kerry Eurodyne. Contains a vinyl of Kerry's cover of Chippin' In, but does not actually play music.
Scorpion's action figure Complete the side job I'll Fly Away. Must be manually placed on the table in front of the window in V's apartment.
Untitled Brancesi painting Complete the side job Space Oddity. Will display on the wall in V's apartment automatically upon aquisition.
Zen Master's altar Complete the side job Meetings Along the Edge. Hangs beside the shelf by the bed.
Roach Race chest Reward for earning 3rd place or higher in Roach Race. Additional goodies will appear in the chest upon placing 2nd or 1st in Roach Race.
Autographed vinyl record Obtain after selecting the best song at the 89.7 Growl FM party in Pacifica. The vinyl you receive will be the album of whichever song you voted for.
Trauma Team AV model Complete the side job Career Opportunities after achieving the high-score in Trauma Drama. Rewarded alongside a full-body Trauma Team outfit.
Phantom Liberty DLC Collectibles
Active/Inactive Chimera Core Can be obtained after defeating the Militech Chimera during Lucretia My Reflection. An active core can be used to craft several weapon mods, turning the core inactive. Only one Chimera Core can be obtained per playthrough. 
Lizzy Wizzy Braindance Complete the main job You Know My Name. A gift from Alex. The bootleg BD features a replay of Lizzy Wizzy's Black Sapphire performance.
Metal pin Complete the main job From Her to Eternity. A gift from Songbird. Place on the table to display.
NUSA medal Obtain during the main job Leave in Silence. Relies on meeting certain conditions during Somewhat Damaged.

Except for what carries over into V’s penthouse during the Path of Glory epilogue, collectible memorabilia is only displayed in V’s main apartment in Watson. For more gameplay tips, head over to our Cyberpunk 2077 strategy guide.

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