All stash wall weapons - Cyberpunk 2077

Find out which iconic weapons will populate V's stash wall following Update 2.0.

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Specific iconic weapons can be displayed on the stash wall in V’s apartment that are obtained from completing certain jobs and gigs throughout Cyberpunk 2077. Additional weapons are now featured on the stash wall with the advent of Update 2.0, including the newly added Errata thermal katana and reworked Nehan.

While many of the displayable stash wall weapons can be missed while playing their associated quest, there is a new way to get missing weapons if you have enough money. Phantom Liberty introduced a Black Market vendor in Dogtown who sells iconic weapons, including those that players may have missed during the game. While this is a helpful option to have available, it is important to note that several of the missed iconic weapons found during missions can be obtained by returning to the location of the quest.

All stash wall weapons - Cyberpunk 2077

Below is the list of iconic weapons that will appear on V’s stash wall in Cyberpunk 2077, along with their type and how to get them. Simply placing the weapons in your stash will allow them to display on your wall. Additional weapon slots were added to the wall with Update 2.0, bringing the total number of stash wall iconic weapons to a solid and sturdy 30. We have listed them below based on the wall they appear on in the stash in V’s main apartment in Little China, Watson. 

Please note that at the time of this writing, there is a visual bug that results in certain weapons not appearing on the stash wall that are supposed to be there. Hopefully this will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

All Stash Wall Weapons
Weapon Classification Type How to get
Left Wall
Malorian Arms 3156  Power Pistol Acquire from Grayson during Chippin' In.
Middle Wall
Overwatch Power  Sniper Rifle Given by Panam during Riders on the Storm.
Mox Power Shotgun Given by Judy after completing Pyramid Song.
Byakko Blade Katana Complete all gigs for Wakako.
Errata Blade Katana Found during Disasterpiece near the furnace.
Satori Blade Katana Find on the AV on the roof during The Heist.
Jinchu-Maru Blade Katana Loot from Oda during Play It Safe.
Blue Fang Blade Neurotoxin Knife Purchase from the Melee Weapon Vendor in Jackson Plains.
Nehan Blade Kaiken Obtain from Saburo during The Heist.
Headhunter Blade Punknife Purchase from the Melee Weapon Vendor in West Wind Estate.
Crash Power Revolver Given by River after completing Following the River.
La Chingona Dorada Power Pistol Found at the altar in El Coyote Cojo after sending body to family during The Heist.
Skippy Smart Pistol Found next to a body in Vista del Rey, Heywood.
Archangel Power Revolver Given by Kerry Eurodyne during A Like Supreme.
Plan B Power Pistol Obtained from Dexter DeShawn's body at the municipal landfill after Act 2.
Seraph Power Pistol Complete all gigs for Padre.
Right Wall
Sasquatch's Hammer Blunt Hammer Looted from Sasquatch following I Walk the Line.
Bloody Maria Power Shotgun Complete all gigs for Reyes.
Moron Labe Power Assault Rifle Crafting spec dropped by Anton Kolev (Suspected Organized Crime Activity: West Wind Estate)
Psalm 11:6 Power Assault Rifle Crafting spec dropped by Tom Ayer (Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Just Say No)
The Headsman Power Shotgun Crafting spec dropped by a Militech mech (Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Privacy Policy Violation)
Lexington x-MOD2 Power Pistol Reward for winning the shooting competition during Shoot to Thrill.
Buzzsaw Power Submachine Gun Crafting spec dropped by Yelena Sidorova (Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Vice Control)
Sovereign Power Double-Barrel Shotgun Crafting spec dropped by Shinobu Amai (Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Modern Labor Market)
Dying Night Power Pistol Collect from Wilson during The Gun.
YingLong Smart Submachine Gun Crafting spec dropped by Denzel Cryer (Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Living the Big Life)
Breakthrough Tech Sniper Rifle Crafting spec dropped by Olga Elisabeth Longmead (Suspected Organized Crime Activity: New Boss, New Rules)
Comrade's Hammer Tech Revolver Crafting spec dropped by Darius Miles (Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Arroyo)
Butcher's Cleaver Blade Knife Found in Rolland’s Butcher Shop after Placide finishes butchering the chicken in M’ap Tann Pèlen.
Ba Xing Chong Smart Shotgun Crafting spec found in a locked chest accessible after defeating Adam Smasher and looting the Access Token during one of the game endings.

Special thanks to the Cyberpunk Wiki and Cyberpunk 2077 subreddit for confirming some of the information in this guide. Head over to our Cyberpunk 2077 strategy guide for more gameplay tips.

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