How to get the Errata thermal katana - Cyberpunk 2077

Find out where to find the iconic blazing blade named Errata in Cyberpunk 2077.

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Once modded into the game by the community, the iconic thermal katana is now officially available for players to acquire for themselves in Cyberpunk 2077. The thermal katana, Errata, is a highly coveted weapon due to its ability to light enemies ablaze. Players can finally obtain this sought-after blade thanks to the arrival of Update 2.0, which added a swathe of new content including new and reworked iconic weapons. This guide explains how to get the Errata thermal katana in Cyberpunk 2077 so that you can finally wield the blade of legend.

How to get the Errata thermal katana

A screenshot of Herold in the Black Market of Dogtown.

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There are several ways to go about getting the thermal katana, depending on how far you are in the game. The primary way to get this weapon is through the “Disasterpiece” main story mission, which happens relatively early. When you reach the furnace room during this quest, look for the iconic katana near the opening of the furnace.

A screenshot of the Errata katana in front of a furnace in Cyberpunk 2077.

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If you have already completed the Disasterpiece mission and missed the weapon, you have a couple of options for getting Errata. Players who own the Phantom Liberty expansion can head over to the Black Market vendor in Dogtown Stadium who sells various iconic weapons and items. You can purchase Errata from this vendor, alongside any other iconic weapons you may have missed throughout the game, such as Saburo’s katana, Satori. Several new iconic weapons, crafting recipes, and consumables are available here as well.  

A screenshot of Errata for sale within the vendor inventory in Cyberpunk 2077.

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If you don't own the expansion or have enough cash to buy the katana from the Black Market, you will have to get Errata the long way. This means returning to the Electric Corporation building in Santo Domingo to find the weapon inside the furnace room where you completed the quest. The closest fast travel terminal is Republic East.

A screenshot of the map in Cyberpunk 2077 with a marker at the Electric Corporation.

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Once at the Electric Corporation building, go through the gate on the left side of the building and enter the power plant through the open doors. Once inside the building, make your way downstairs until you reach Sector 2. Look for a door with a red light overhead at the base of a stairwell. Enter the room and find the locked double doors on the left.

A screenshot of the stairwell leading to a door with a red light above. Text on the first step reads SECTOR 2.

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Unfortunately, you can’t just walk back into the furnace room. The only way into the room is through the locked set of double doors that can require up to a level 20 Technical Ability to open, depending on your character level. If you don’t meet this requirement, one option is to reset your Attributes and put the necessary amount of points straight into Technical Ability to unlock the doors. Provided you can do this, the thermal katana is practically yours. Go through the doors and continue through the hallway until you see the furnace on the right.

A screenshot of double doors with text indicating to use technical ability, with the number 20.

Source: CD Projekt RED

Errata is a Tier 5+ iconic katana with stats that include +25% Armor Penetration and +30% Burn Chance. The weapon allows you to leap toward enemies, and attacking burning enemies guarantees Crit Damage. This blazing blade should synergize well with some of the newly reworked melee weapon perks. Head over to our Cyberpunk 2077 strategy guide for more Phantom Liberty gameplay tips.

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