Destiny 2 Prost emblem giveaway livestream

Come and watch me solo the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon while giving away codes for the Oktoberfest-inspired Prost emblem.


Do you want an exclusive Destiny 2 emblem? Of course you do! Well today’s Shacknews livestream is all about giving away codes for the Oktoberfest-inspired Prost emblem. Come and join us today as I load into the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon and attempt a solo run. While I’m doing that, I’ll also be giving out some codes in chat, but those who are in our Discord can get some early!

The Destiny 2 Prost emblem giveaway livestream will begin at 4:00 p.m. PT / 7:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, October 4, 2023 on the Shacknews Twitch channel. Make sure you stop by the chat and say hello to have a chance at scoring one of these emblems! Those who have joined the official Shacknews Discord server can get a headstart on nabbing a code – so join up so you can get into the Oktoberfest spirit.

An image of the Prost emblem featuring a pretzel on a shield set against a blue diamond checkerboard

Source: Bungie

As for the emblem itself, this is quite clearly to celebrate the lovely time of year that is Oktoberfest. While no steins are present on the emblem, it does feature a pretzel, one of the most important snacks to grace this planet. The emblem also features a diamond checkerboard of various shades of blue. Bungie has been extremely generous, giving us a whole lot of these awesome emblems to give away, but it’s up to us how we do that, and we thought a stream would be rather fitting!

In terms of what we’ll be doing on this stream, I’ll be taking to the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon in a solo attempt. The last time I attempted a solo run at a dungeon I managed to clear Spire of the Watcher in a bit over two hours. Thus, the plan will be to stream for at least two hours, though it may stretch on for a couple more depending on the resistance the Lucent Hive put up.

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