Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.5 notes now let players play solo through Endwalker

Duty Support has been added for some of the final Endwalker content, allowing players to play through Final Fantasy 14's main campaign with the help of an NPC party.

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Final Fantasy 14 is well-known at this point for being Square Enix’s flagship MMORPG, but as of the latest set of patch notes, you can enjoy the main quest of the game by yourself. Duty Support has been around for quite some time already, giving you the opportunity to take on quests and dungeons with a team of NPC party members, but now that support has been extended to the final bits of Endwalker. That means as of Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.5, you can play from the beginning of the A Realm Reborn era all the way through Endwalker main quest content solo.

Square Enix put up the patch notes for Patch 6.5 on the Final Fantasy 14 website this week, sharing the details of new Duty Support in Endwalker content. While Duty Support was already available on A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood, Shadowbringers, and parts of Endwalker, this patch extended Duty Support through the remaining applicable Endwalker dungeons, including Drowned City of Skalla, the Burn, and the Ghimlyt Dark. That means you can play the story of Final Fantasy 14 as it is now from beginning to end on a solo run if you want to.

Final Fantasy 14 party
With Duty Support applied to the last bits of Endwalker, players can now play through all of Final Fantasy 14's available main quest solo with NPC party members.
Source: Square Enix

This should be a delight to anyone that wants to experience what Final Fantasy 14’s story has to offer, but don’t necessarily want to engage with its multiplayer elements. The game is massive as is, and can be daunting, especially when it comes to finding a supportive party to quest with. At the very least, Duty Support ensures that players will never lack for assistance when it comes to the game’s more co-op based content.

With Dawntrail expansion set to continue the Final Fantasy 14 story in 2024 and the game coming to Xbox consoles as well, players can look forward to plenty of further content in the game throughout the coming year. Stay tuned for more details and Final Fantasy 14 updates right here at Shacknews.

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