How to get Zonaite armor - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Increase the duration of your batteries by unlocking the full set of Zonaite armor in Tears of the Kingdom.


The Zonaite armor is one of the best armor sets in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom This set increases the capacity of your batteries and even improves the recharge speed when upgraded. Each of the three pieces is extremely difficult to unlock, requiring players to navigate tricky sky islands and traverse great distances using Zonai devices.

How to get Zonaite armor

As mentioned above, Zonaite armor boosts the effectiveness of your battery charges, allowing one battery to last as long as two batteries. When upgraded, it will also increase the battery recharge speed. Because it is so powerful, it is rather difficult to acquire, with the three pieces scattered far and wide. Anticipate creating some Zonai vehicles to reach each one. It can also be worth finishing the Rito Village quest to unlock Tulin’s gust ability. The following video by Its Shatter does a tremendous job of outlining exactly how to reach each one.

Zonaite Shinguards – Sky Mines

The Zonaite Shinguards is probably the easiest piece of the armor set to acquire. This one is located in the Sky Mines, a floating island found in the east of Hyrule, slightly south of Akkala, between the Deep Akkala and Akkala Highlands. The goal is to reach the large sphere in the sky – the chest is in the lower hemisphere.

Map showing the Sky Mines

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As Shatter highlights in the video, you’ll need to move from island to island, using Zonai devices and the launchers to reach higher altitudes. When you get to the launcher, you must launch a box up and through the sphere’s hole and then yourself.

This part is tricky, as you must get to the bottom hemisphere using the hole in the shell. This hole moves when the button is pressed but only goes from the top hemisphere to the lower hemisphere once and won’t come back up.

To solve this, you can stand on the lip of the hole when the button is pressed or use Ascend to get out of the sphere and then glide down to the hole. If you do the first option, grab the cube with Ultrahand and hold it over the button and then place it back on the ground. When standing on the hole in the shell, cast Recall on the cube and when it’s over the button, cancel the ability to make the cube drop.

Be careful not to fall off as the shell rotates to the lower side. Jump in, open the chest, and put on your new Zonaite Shinguards.

Zonaite Waistguard – Zonaite Forge Island

Next you’ll want to collect the Zonaite Waistguard which is found in the Zonaite Forge Island located directly above Necluda in the southeast. The island is between North Necluda Sky Archipelago and Necluda Sky Archipelago.

Map showing the Zonaite Forge Island

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Begin at the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower and fly toward the Necluda Sky Archipelago. In the video, Its Shatter uses the floating boxes to navigate toward Zonaite Forge Island, the large vertical island in the distance. Alternatively, you can always use other means of travel, including rocket propelled vehicles.

When you reach Zonaite Forge Island, activate the portal on the northern side and then use the fans to glide up to the top. Dive down through the center of the island, avoiding the lasers. You’ll find the Yansamin Shrine inside this island. From this shrine, climb up the wall behind it to find a small alcove. Use Ascend in this alcove to enter a small with the chest that contains the Zonaite Waistguard.

Zonaite Helm – Lightcast Island

The Zonaite Helm is on Lightcast Island above Hebra in the northwest. This island is between the North Tabantha Sky Archipelago and the Tabantha Sky Archipelago.

Map showing Lightcast Island

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As Shatter’s video suggests, it can be worth saving this one until you have some of the other armor pieces. You will need to do a lot of movement with Zonai devices, so having more battery will be extremely helpful, even if you do have them fully upgraded. On top of this, bring stamina food and Zonai Charges to replenish your batteries in a pinch.

Start at Rospro Pass Skyview Tower and head northwest to the nearest island and utilize the floating block to reach a greater height. Your goal will be to hopscotch between the islands, trying to continually move up using any and all devices given to you.

Your goal will be to reach the Tabantha Sky Archipelago, which has a bizarre low-gravity field encompassing it. Once inside, you’ll be able to move between farther and higher levels with more ease.

When you do reach Lightcast Island, activate the Zonai portal to lower the water. With the water out of the way, look for the cave that leads into the heart of the island. Direct the beam of light through the cave to the end where you must drop down and defeat a Construct. Use the mirror shield to shine the light on the panel to lower the walls. Climb above the panel to find a chest which contains the Zonaite Helm.

The Zonaite armor is definitely one of the more difficult-to-unlock sets in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. However, if you can master all of the flying, gliding, and puzzle-solving, you’ll walk away with one that will let you ride your hoverbike basically forever. Take a look at our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom strategy guide for more guidance with other armor sets and unlockables!

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