Super Mario Bros. Wonder has an online mode where other players can save you in a level

If you end up falling victim to an enemy or pitfall, touching the online ghosts of other players can keep your run going in a pinch.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder had a lengthy presentation dedicated to it today, and one of main things Nintendo showed off is a variety of features that can help you defeat a level, including an interesting new online mode. When you play Super Mario Bros. Wonder online, you can sometimes see the online ghosts of other players running around maps and inside levels. If you end up being defeated by a level and are about to lose a life, you can touch one of those ghosts to get your life back and keep going.

This new online feature was revealed in full during the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct presentation on August 31, 2023. When playing in online mode in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you’ll see other players wandering around the map in see-through phantom forms. You can see them as you play levels, too. It can be fun to race them or even just watch as you complete the level together. However, if you are in danger of dying, whether an enemy gets you or you fall in a pit, you can also touch those ghosts to save yourself and keep your current level run going.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder ghost saves
If you're in danger of losing a life in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, just touch a live-player ghost and save yourself! They'll get a Heart Point for the save too.
Source: Nintendo

There were other features of Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s online features in play as well. You can set up private rooms with your friends and play levels together. You can even hit a race block at the beginning of a level and signal your desire to start a friendly competition. If everyone confirms, you can race through the level to see who gets the goal flag first. Otherwise, you can just play the level together like normal and look after each other to make sure everyone makes it to the end.

You can even get Heart Points for helping other players. You can leave standees in levels that do the same as other players touching your ghost to save themselves, or you can even gift items to other ghosts to help them along. Finishing the level with other players also gets you Heart Points. Ultimately, those Heart Points will be a meter of how helpful a player you are.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder had other fun accessibility features in addition to ghost saves as well, with Yoshi and Nabbit being near-invincible characters. With Super Mario Bros. Wonder coming out in late October, stay tuned for more updates and details on the game as they drop.

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