All Traits & unlock requirements - Remnant 2

Every Trait in Remnant 2, how to unlock each one, and what they do.


There are more than two dozen Traits to unlock in Remnant 2. Each of these Traits offers powerful effects that can drastically alter your build, but unlocking them isn’t easy. A lot of Traits are unlocked by finding Archetypes while others are awarded for defeating random bosses and completing events. Here’s a full list of all available Traits, their effects, and how to unlock them.

All Traits & unlock requirements

The player earns the Barkskin Trait

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There are more than 30 Traits in Remnant 2, and while you will start the game with five, you’ll slowly unlock more as you progress. Several are tied directly to different Archetypes, which means you must unlock more Archetypes to get them, and others are dropped by bosses.

Trait name Effect Unlock requirement
Ammo Reserves Increases ammo reserves Gunslinger Archetype Trait
Amplitude Increases AOE size Awarded for defeating a boss in the Labyrinth.
Arcane Strike Increases mod power generation from melee damage Found in Losomn in Harvester's Reach by destroying all the piles of bones.
Barkskin Reduces all incoming damage Awarded from Meidra in The Far Woods in Yaesha after answering her questions using selfless answers.
Blood Bond Summons absorb a percentage of damage taken by the caster Defeat the random Root Nexus boss event in the Far Woods on Yaesha.
Bloodstream Increase grey health regen Awarded by Meidra in The Far Woods in Yaesha after answering her questions using selfish answers.
Endurance Increases max stamina Core Trait
Expertise Reduces skill cooldowns Core Trait
Fitness Increases evade distance Defeat all enemies in the Vault of the Formless dungeon on N'Erud.
Footwork Increases movement speed while aiming Awarded for completing the event in the Terminus Station on N'Erud.
Fortify Increases armor effectiveness Engineer Archetype Trait
Glutton Increases the use speed of consumable and relics Awarded by completing the Feast challenge in The Great Hall in Losomn. Must be done in multiplayer. Eat the rotten food to gain the Ravenous debuff. Have one player die and then revive the player to unlock the Trait for all players.
Handling Reduces weapon spread and recoil Defeat the Cancer boss in the Ashen Wasteland in Root Earth.
Kinship Reduces friendly damage dealt and received Handler Archetype Trait
Longshot Increases weapon ideal range Hunter Archetype Trait
Potency Increases consumable duration Alchemist Archetype Trait
Recovery Increases stamina regen Awarded in Losomn in Cotton's Kilk by bringing the child back to the woman in Brocwithe Quarter.
Regrowth Increases health regen Summoner Archetype Trait
Resonance Increases aura size Unconfirmed
Revivalist Increases the speed of reviving and being revived Unconfirmed
Rugged Increases the health of Archetype summons Exhaust Likh's dialogue after defeating the Nexus Root and Defiler boss in Yaesha.
Scholar Increases experience gain Awarded after defeating the final boss in Remnant 2.
Shadeskin Increases resistance to elemental status effect damage Awarded for completing the event in the Butcher's Quarter in Losomn. Defend the man hanging above the pyre until the enemies stop coming.
Siphoner Increases lifesteal Found in the Dormant N'Erudian Facility on N'Erud. Clear out all the enemies before the timer runs out to acquire the Trait.
Spirit Increases mod power generation Core Trait
Strong Back Reduces encumbrance Challenger Archetype Trait
Swiftness Increases all movement speed Explorer Archetype Trait
Triage Increases healing provided by weapon mods Medic Archetype Trait
Untouchable Increases evade window Invader Archetype Trait
Vigor Increases max health Core Trait
Wayfarer Increases traversal movement Defeat the boss in the Corrupted Harbor in Root Earth.

Due to the random generation of Remnant 2, you are unlikely to get all Traits on one playthrough. You will need to use the Adventure Mode to track down specific areas if you didn’t get it the first time through or start a new campaign entirely.

We’ll be sure to keep this list updated as more Traits are discovered and as Gunfire Games adds more (hopefully). Take a look at our Remnant 2 page for more helpful information including guides to puzzles, like unlock Ford’s safe in Ward 13 and solving the puzzle in The Lament.

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