How to get more Archetypes - Remnant 2

The Dual Archetypes mechanic lets players equip two Archetypes, but first you'll need to unlock them.


Archetypes are a new class-like system in Remnant 2. This gives players a foundation on which to create their build and gives them even more skills and perks to use in combat. While you will be limited to one right at the start, it’s possible to equip a second Archetype, and even unlock more – provided you know where to look.

How to unlock Archetypes

Wallace's inventory showing the character able to purchase the Steel Enswell

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After selecting your starting Archetype, you’ll no doubt wind up wanting to unlock more and equip a second one to gain additional benefits. You can unlock additional Archetypes by purchasing the associated item from the vendor and then taking it to Wallace to transform into another Archetype:

  • Challenger – Purchase the Old Metal Tool from Reggie
  • Handler – Purchase the Old Whistle from Mudtooth
  • Hunter – Purchase the Rusty Medal from Brabus
  • Medic – Purchase the Medic Pin from Dr. Norah
  • Gunslinger – Listen to Mudtooth’s stories after completing two worlds
  • Explorer – Earn the Broken Compass by completing the game
  • Summoner – Purchase a Faded Grimoire from the Bloodmoon Altar on Yaesha
  • Engineer – Find the Alien Device in the cursed fog in N’Erud in Titan’s Reach
  • Alchemist – Defeat the Manticora from the Drain event in Losomn to get the Philosopher’s Stone
  • Invader – Use the Dreamcatcher to acquire Walker’s Dream in Root Earth, defeat Bane, and earn Wooden Shiv

After buying the item from the vendor, go and speak with Wallace. You can find Wallace along the water’s edge of Ward 13, up high in a small cubicle overlooking the dock. It will cost a handful of scrap to unlock the Archetype, so come prepared.


Reggie's inventory showing the Old Metal Tool

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The player stands near Reggie in Ward 13

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To unlock the Challenger Archetype, speak with Reggie and purchase the Old Metal Tool. Reggie can be found toward the entrance of Ward 13, sitting beside Mudtooth, with a game of chess on a table behind them. Buy the metal tool and then speak with Wallace at the dock.


Mudtooth's inventory showing the Old Whistle

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The player stands in front of Mudtooth who is sleeping in a chair

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The Handler Archetype is unlocked by speaking with Mudtooth and purchasing the Old Whistle. Mudtooth is sleeping on a chair beside Reggie. Wake him up and then speak with him. Select the option that you have no more questions and you should see his trading option. Buy the whistle and take it to Wallace.


Dr Norah's inventory showing the Medic Pin

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The player stands near the medical sign with Dr Norah nearby

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To get the Medic Archetype, head to the entrance of Ward 13 near the farm and look for the medic flag. Speak with Doctor Norah and purchase the Medic Pin from her. Take the pin to Wallace by the dock to complete the unlock process.


Brabus' inventory showing the Rusty Medal

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Brabus stands at the firing range in Ward 13

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The last of the core four Archetypes you can unlock is the Hunter. Head to the firing range just past the World Shard and talk with Brabus. Purchase the Rusty Medal from him and then, you guessed it, go speak with Wallace.


The Gunslinger Archetype is a pre-order bonus but it can also be unlocked by progressing through the game. After completing two worlds, return to Mudtooth and speak with him. Exhaust all his dialogue to receive the Worn Cylinder. Take this to Wallace to get your Gunslinger Archetype.


The Explorer Archetype is unlocked by simply completing the main story in Remnant 2. After defeating the final boss, you will receive the Broken Compass which you can take to Wallace.


The Summoner Archetyper is unlocked by purchasing the Faded Grimoire from the Bloodmoon Altar on Yaesha. You will need 15 Bloodmoon Essence, 5 Lumenite Crystal, and 1,500 scrap. Take the Faded Grimoire to Wallace to get the Tome of the Bringer.


To unlock the Engineer, you will need to find the Alien Device from the Titan’s Reach area of N’Erud. Some players have reported finding it in the Timeless Horizon. The device is actually beyond the mist that makes your hero vomit. If you’ve got the Explorer unlocked and at Level 10, you should see it highlighted on your map when you get close if you’ve got the Fortune Hunter skill. You can use a Purified Salve to increase your resistance to the fog to make exploring easier.


To unlock the Alchemist you must acquire the Philosopher’s Stone from Losomn. This material is dropped by defeating the boss from the event, Manticora from the Drain. This is a random event that sees you dragged into the drain by a monster. Just run in front of the drains until you get grabbed.


Acquire the Dreamcatcher by unlocking the prisoner in the asylum in Losomn and giving the Nightweaver Stone Doll to the Nightweaver web. Work your way through the campaign until you reach Root Earth. Look for the Escalation Protocol amulet and use the Dreamcatcher on the dead Root creature that’s there to get the Walker’s Dream consumable. Drink this, get transported to the other world, and defeat Bane. Take the Wooden Shiv reward to Wallace to get the Serrated Root Blade.

How to use a second Archetype

Once you’ve unlocked another Archetype, you will want to equip it. The ability to Dual Archetype is only available once 10 Trait Points have been earned. Check how many Trait Points you have by going to the Traits tab. At the top will be a counter for how many available points you have to spend and a total number of trait points earned.

The Archetype screen showing no secondary Archetype

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The Archetype screen showing the secondary Archetype unlocked with the character using Dual Archetypes: Handler and Challenger

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After receiving 10 Trait Points, a new slot will appear in the Character Screen above the amulet and the right-side of the Archetype tab will have a slot for your secondary Archetype. Select the empty slot and choose which Archetype you want to use as your auxiliary class. It is free to swap and change Archetypes at any time.

Keep in mind that only your Primary Archetype will benefit from its Prime perk. If you want to use another Archetype’s Prime perk, switch it to your main slot. For example, the Challenger’s Prime perk allows it to get back up and keep fighting if it sustains lethal damage (but only once every 10 minutes) while the Handler’s Prime perk lets the dog companion try to revive the Handler and the allies. You can’t have both effects going at once – you must choose which you prefer!

Unlocking more Archetypes and equipping a second one is straightforward in Remnant 2. Only a little bit of progress will be needed before the Dual Archetype mechanic is unlocked. Just remember that it does cost scrap to buy the new classes, so you will need to choose wisely, at least while you’re still trying to get a good supply going. For more Remnant 2 guides, you’re already in the right place.

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