How to solve the dial symbol puzzle in The Lament - Remnant 2

Found a burial chamber in The Lament on Yaesha with a dial full of symbols? Here's how to solve it and what you get as a reward.


Remnant 2 is full of secrets to solve and one of these is a tricky puzzle on Yaesha in The Lament. This puzzle features a dial of four concentric rings covered in symbols along with several shrouded bodies in a burial chamber. Solving the puzzle is worth the effort as you’ll walk away with a weapon mutator, a ring, and a set of armor.

Dial symbol puzzle in The Lament

The dial symbol puzzle on Yaesha is in The Lament area. This puzzle has a few parts: a journal, a dial covered in symbols, several bodies covered in a funerary shroud, and symbols above the bodies. The solution to this puzzle requires reading the book, recognizing a pattern, and finding that pattern on the shrouds. Here’s the exact solution.

A pattern in a book needed for the Yaesha dial puzzle

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A body with a shroud on it that features the pattern shown in the book

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Locate the book in the lower section of the burial chamber. In the front page of the book is a pattern. This pattern can be seen on four of the shrouds covering the bodies. Locate each body that has this pattern and then take note of the symbol above the body – you will need four symbols.

The dial with the correct symbols lined up

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Go to the dial and rotate the discs until the four symbols line up between the two spikes on the outer edge. Press the on-screen button to enter the code and the door should open. Inside you will find a World Shard a mutator, a ring on the balcony, and potentially a quest item. Due to the random nature of Remnant 2’s levels, your reward might be slightly different but I received the Overdrive Mutator and the Blood Tinged Ring.

The players stand on opposite sides of a coffin

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Continue deeper into this area to spot another coffin below a balcony. To reach this coffin you must locate a small hole in the side of the rooms, navigate some tunnels, and creep behind a wall to find a key. With the key in hand you can unlock a nearby door, granting you access to the coffin. Inside will be a full armor set called the Red Widow.

The symbol and dial puzzle in The Lament on Yaesha is just one of the many secrets in Remnant 2. Take the time to search each world, you never know what’s been hidden away. Take a look at our Remnant 2 page for more guides including how to unlock Archetypes and tips on the early game.

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