Ford's safe code in Ward 13 - Remnant 2

Where to find the code for Ford's safe in Ward 13 in Remnant 2.


Tucked away in Ward 13 is Ford’s safe, one of the many locked boxes you’ll discover throughout Remnant 2. While you might have scoured the area for a clue for the safe code, the answer is actually right below your nose.

Ford’s safe code – Ward 13

A code scratched into the bottom of the flashlight
Inspect the flashlight and flip it over to see the Ford's safe code scratched into the bottom: 0415.
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The code to Ford’s safe is on the flashlight you received at the start of Remnant 2. Go into your inventory, inspect the flashlight, and rotate it to look at the bottom. There you will discover the code 0415. Enter the number into the safe to find the Cargo Control Key.

Where to use the Cargo Control Key

The player runs through Ward 13, an arrow is superimposed pointing to a fence past Dwell
Go through the fence that is past Dwell.
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The Cargo Control Key is used to open a locked door that is found in the dock through several shipping containers. From Ford’s room, go to the World Crystal and start walking toward Dwell, the vendor that upgrades mutators and the like.

Past Dwell is a fence that leads to a bunch of shipping containers. Follow this path through the containers until you reach a locked door. Open the door using the Cargo Control Key and inside you will find your reward: the MP60-R submachine gun.

The MP60-R SMG on a table
Through the locked door will be the MP60-R on a table.
Source: Shacknews

The MP60-R SMG sits in the handgun slot. At its base level it deals 9 damage, spits out 14.2 rounds per second, and has a magazine of 42. Using nothing but chest hits it can deal roughly 150 dps while all critical hits increases this to roughly 300 dps.

With Ford’s safe unlocked in Ward 13 and the Cargo Control Key used, you no doubt spotted the Tommy Gun on the table behind the glass. Check out our guide on how to access the hidden portal so you can unlock the Chicago Typewriter. For more Remnant 2 guides, you’re in the right place.

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