PlayStation 5 sold a Q4 record of 6.3 million units for Sony

It's not the most PS5s Sony has ever moved in a quarter, but it is the strongest Q4 console sales Sony has ever had.


Sony has released its FY2022 earnings results and a multitude of further information to go along with it, including the most recent quarter of PlayStation 5 sales. The company continues to move considerable numbers of its latest-gen console and put up a Q4 record of PlayStation consoles sold with 6.3 million units moved. It’s not the most PS5s Sony has ever sold in a quarter, but it is the most consoles the company has moved in a Q4 period, and more than triples its units year-over-year from Q4 2021.

Sony released its FY2022 earnings report via its investor relations website on April 28, 2023. According to the results, the PlayStation 5 was able to move 6.3 million units for Q4 2022, leading to a full-year finish of 19.1 million units throughout Sony’s FY2022. For the quarter alone, these numbers were more than three times as much as PS5 sales in Q4 2021, which shook out to a flat 2.0 million units. Sony’s full year unit sales were also hugely up from the 11.5 million PS5 units Sony moved in FY2021.

Sony chart detailing PlayStation 5 and TV unit sales over the last two fiscal years.
The 6.3 million units the PS5 moved in Sony's Q4 2022 made for the best-selling Q4 of a console in the company's history.
Source: Sony

The bottom line is that the PlayStation 5 seemingly continues to sell better than ever since its launch in November 2020. In fact, the 6.3 million units moved in Sony’s Q4 2022 have only been outsold by one other quarter: Q3 2022 moved 7.1 million PS5 units, encompassing the 2022 holiday season, and still remains the highest selling quarter for the PS5 yet.

It seems blatantly clear that the PlayStation 5 has found its footing in a big way after supplies floundered and stock was difficult to come by for a long stretch during the COVID-19 pandemic. With these numbers, Sony seems well on track to make the PS5 its most successful console yet. There’s still a lot of hill to climb if the PS5 is to overcome the 117.2 million lifetime unit sales of the PS4, but with quarters like Q3 and Q4 2022, Sony looks to be in good position coming into its fiscal 2023. Stay tuned as we continue to report on tech company earnings results as they drop.

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