Tesla Model Y was the best-selling non-truck vehicle in Europe and U.S. during Q1 2023

Only pick-up trucks in the United States beat out Tesla's most popular vehicle this last quarter.


The Tesla Model Y has easily been one of the company’s most popular and best-selling vehicles for a long time, but this quarter, it performed better in sales than just about every other vehicle out there in the US and Europe. Tesla dropped its Q1 2023 earnings results today and among the stats shared, it claimed that the Model Y was the best-selling vehicle in the US excluding pick-up trucks, and it was the best-selling vehicle of all categories in Europe.

Tesla revealed this claim and the stats for it in its Q1 2023 earnings results posted on its investor relations website on April 19, 2023. In Q1 2023, Tesla claims to have delivered around 412,180 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. This was up 40 percent year-over-year, and still up substantially from the 388,131 vehicles delivered in Q4 2022. Model Ys served up a notable portion of this number and ultimately led to the vehicle being the best-selling in the European and US markets (barring pick-ups in the US).

Tesla Model Y
Tesla's Model Y continues to be one of the most popular vehicles among its product offerings.
Source: Tesla

This sales performance by the Tesla Model Y follows on the back of several price cuts for the vehicle. Back in January, the Model 3 and Model Y saw significant price decreases with the various Model Y versions taking a 20 percent decrease. Prices decreased several more times the months since, including a price drop that happened this week ahead of the Q1 2023 earnings results. The Model Y also just continues to be a popular vehicle among Tesla’s offerings.

With a decent performance by the Model Y and the Cybertruck still on the way, Tesla put up a level Q1 2023 in comparison to expectations. As we wait for more coverage from the Tesla conference call later today, stay tuned for more tech company financial reporting.

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