Super Nintendo World lead on the 1-Up Factory gift shop & the souvenir you can't leave without

Senior Director of Retail Operations Ismael Aguirre guided us through the exclusive merch of the 1-UP Factory shop at Super Nintendo World.


The opening of Super Nintendo World at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park has brought the joys of Nintendo’s interactive Mushroom Kingdom attractions stateside, and there’s not only so much to do, but so much to buy and take with you as well. A large selection of merch can be found in the 1-Up Factory shop at Super Nintendo World: A shop that Senior Director of Retail Operations Ismael Aguirre was happy to guide us through, as well as sharing his opinion on the one piece of Super Nintendo World merch it would simply be silly to leave without picking up.

Aguirre answers our rapid-fire questions regarding a multitude of merchandise at the 1-Up Factory. We get extensive looks at the apparel, toys, and trinkets that can be taken with you once the adventure at the park is over. A lot of what’s in the 1-Up Factory is exclusive to the shop, and some was even made specifically for the Hollywood location. In particular, Aguirre was excited to show off Mario Kart merchandise, including medallions and shirts representing different Mario Kart racers and circuits.

As for the must-have item at the 1-Up Factory? Aguirre says the number one priority should absolutely be the Power-Up Band. This band features a number of different Super Mario Bros. character motifs and it’s your key to both interacting with and tracking your activities at Super Nintendo World, whether you’re with friends or running the park solo. More importantly, you can come back with the same Super Nintendo World Power-Up Band on multiple visits, making it one of the few bits of merchandise that offers more value back to you on return trips to the park. In Aguirre’s opinion, it’s a must-have nobody should leave the park without grabbing.

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