Super Nintendo World sorts park activity into teams based on your Power-Up Band

Super Nintendo World's Power-Up Band, which will then sort them into specific teams to work towards objectives in the park.


Super Nintendo World has officially opened, and new complete tours from YouTubers have shed light on the park’s various activities. One small detail you might miss when checking out some of these tours, though, and that’s the fact that the Power-up Band visitors are given upon entry actually sorts them into different teams, allowing you to complete objectives together.

This development was revealed in a Super Nintendo World tour video by YouTuber Paolo fromTOKYO. In the video, Paolo interacts with one of the many screens situated around the park, and then pulls up the team’s statistics.

The Power-Up Band plays a large part in how you’ll interact with the various items in the park. You can collect stamps, coins, and the keys that Bowser Jr.’s minions have locked away.  This is all done in the park, and the band itself can connect to your smartphone to help keep track of activities you’ve visited, and a ton of other statistics having to do with the new theme park.

The team that you’re placed on is determined by the Power-Up Band that you have, so those with Mario bands will be on Team Mario, while those with Toad bands, which be put on Team Toad. As such, you can kind of determine which team you want to be on when purchasing your Power-Up Band.

It’s really interesting to see how Super Nintendo World has been molded around these bands, and how they can help you play a much larger role in things as you explore the park yourself. Being able to keep track of everything in an app is also exceptionally handy, and you can even add multiple bands to your device to make it easier to keep track of you and other family member’s activities in the park. We also learned you can finally get Princess Peach's cake, something we've been trying to do since Super Mario 64.

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