You can finally get Princess Peach's cake at Super Nintendo World

After the bait-and-switch of Super Mario 64, we can finally get some cake.


It’s been 25 years since Super Mario 64 was released on Nintendo 64, and users still haven’t forgotten about Princess Peach’s promise that she made Mario a cake. Players jumped, wall-kicked, and Goomba-stomped their way through painted world after painted world, collecting coins and stars, and yet there was no cake to eat. Even the credit sequence only showed a picture of a cake, not Mario enjoying it. But now, with thanks to Super Nintendo World, players can finally get what was promised: the cake Princess Toadstool made us.

YouTuber Paolo de Guzman, also known as Paolo fromTOKYO online, recently uploaded a video of his journey through Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. This video showcases all of the Nintendo-themed goodness on offer to attendees, from Mario Kart Koopa’s Challenge to Yoshi’s Adventure and various key challenges for special unlocks. But one thing that stood out was the Super Nintendo World cafeteria, called Kinopio’s Café.

super nintendo world princess peach cake

Kinopio’s Café has a large variety of Mario-themed food items, from King Bowser’s Hamburger Steak to Fire Flower Spaghetti and Meatballs. But there is also Princess Peach’s cake! This cake looks to be based on the iconic cake seen at the very end of the credit sequence in Super Mario 64. While Mario never got to enjoy a slice, attendees will be able to savor the flavors. The cake costs ¥2,800 (about $25 USD), is best suited for three to four people, and is likely the perfect way to cap off a day of Mario-themed activities.

There’s a lot to love about Super Nintendo World, and while the Universal Orlando’s Super Nintendo World has been delayed, it’s at least still coming to the United States. If you’re like a Chain Chomp chomping at the bit for more info, make sure to check out the Shacknews Super Nintendo World page for the latest news on how the United States’ park is coming along.

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