Vampire Survivors creator says a sequel is 'unlikely' but not impossible

The creator of Vampire Survivors said that a sequel or spiritual successor to the game should offer players something radically new.


In a recent interview with GameSpot, Vampire Survivors creator Luca Galante answered a number of questions about the game, including one on the likelihood of a sequel. To this, Galante said that the creation of Vampire Survivors 2 is “unlikely” as of right now, though he doesn’t rule the possibility of a sequel out entirely.

"With the way Vampire Survivors is designed, we can deliver both new content and new game mechanics on the existing game, so why make a sequel?" Galante told GameSpot. "I think that if we make a sequel or a spiritual successor, then we should offer something radically new."

Screenshot of Vampire Survivors showing combat with hordes of enemies on all sides
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Galante also mentions a sequel being unlikely due to things like the current DLC plan for Vampire Survivors. Essentially, it sounds like Vampire Survivors has all its bases covered right now which leaves little room for further exploration. Elsewhere in the GameSpot interview, Galante touches upon how the game shifted from being a hobby project that initially failed to attract his goal of 100 players to the massive hit that it is today.

Speaking of which, the game made it into Shacknews’ best games of 2022 lists both for indies as well 2022 releases in general. For more on Vampire Survivors, be sure to read through some of our previous coverage including the Vampire Survivors devs addressing delays of features and DLC on mobile, and the patch notes for Vampire Survivors v1.3.0 update which adds new challenge stages and achievements to the game.

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