Vampire Survivors v1.3.0 patch notes add new challenge stage & achievements

The latest patch for the game adds three new achievements, two relics, a new challenge stage, and more!


A brand new update for Vampire Survivors is out today, February 9, that adds a wealth of new content to the game. Sinking our teeth into the v1.3.0 patch notes, one of the first things we noticed is the introduction of a brand new challenge stage with a name reminiscent of the Avenged Sevenfold hit, Bat Country. The challenge stage contains 2 relics needed to unlock the Charm power up along with Mortaccio’s morph ability, and contains low XP gain but high enemy density.

Elsewhere in the patch, it’s noted that three new achievements are being added along with some tweaks including the addition of a team member to the credits. The full v1.3.0 patch notes were shared to Steam.

Spoiler Warning: The patch notes contain mild spoilers for certain aspects of the game so if you’ve yet to fully dive into Vampire Survivors, you may want to do that before digging into what’s new in the game’s latest update.

Vampire Survivors v1.3.0 patch notes

Image for Vampire Survivors from the patch notes showing the game's Stage Selection screen
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  • 3 new achievements
  • 1 new challenge stage
  • 2 new relics to get a new PowerUp and something special

Quick content walkthrough:

  • Reach Level 80 in Inverse Mad Forest: Unlocks Bat Country
  • Find the Apoplexy relic at minute 09:00 in Bat Country: Unlocks Charm Power Up
  • Find the Chaos Malachite relic at minute 18:00 in Bat Country: Unlocks morph ability for Mortaccio


  • Items not necessary for the Queen Sigma unlock have a yellowish background color in Collection
  • If you have at least 1M gold, the Eggman appears in Moongolow
  • The game should remember the skins you've been using for each character
  • "spoopyseason" spell should permanently unlock new skins for Mortaccio, Yatta Cavallo, Bianca Ramba, and O'Sole Meeo
  • Added a team member to the credits (hi everyone!)

Full spoilers

Bat Country:

  • New challenge stage!
  • Trippy
  • Contains the 2 relics needed to unlock the Charm power up and Mortaccio's morph ability
  • Very low XP gain, but high enemy density
  • Not many light sources, but items can be dropped by diamonds
  • Please remember that in stages where the background moves, there in an option to disable such movement
  • Pizzas appear on new runs after getting both relics. They simply allow to change the background and have no other effect

Apoplexy relic:

  • Unlocks Charm PowerUp. It increases enemies spawn quantity, for each single wave, by 20 per rank (max +100)

Chaos Malachite Relic:

  • When reaching Level 80, Mortaccio morphs into a big bone boy and his Bone weapon evolves into Anima of Mortaccio
  • He gains +2 Armor, +1 Amount, and +100 MaxHP. He fully recovers HP.
  • Anima of Mortaccio fires bones just like the base Bone weapon, but the bones accelerate after every bounce. Big spinning arms appear around the player. Sometimes they detach and start flying around, dealing base damage times Amount. It's currently obtainable only by morphing Mortaccio.

For more on everything included in the v1.3.0 patch for Vampire Survivors, be sure to run through the full patch notes as provided by the developers on Steam. Also check out some of our previous coverage as well, including the Vampire Survivors development team addressing delays of features and DLC on mobile, and how Vampire Survivors made it to Shacknews’ list of top 10 indie games of 2022.

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