NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang is way into ChatGPT & its possibilities

In a recent interview, Jensen called ChatGPT's breakthroughs in AI programming the 'iPhone moment of artificial intelligence.'


The hype of artificial intelligence chat bots, their various applications, and large tech companies investing in them has become a breakout trend early in 2023, and NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang is on board with it. NVIDIA itself isn’t investing millions of dollars into the likes of ChatGPT or other technologies like it (yet), but the company has done quite a lot of work with AI in graphics technology. Maybe that’s why Huang recently shared his excitement and enthusiasm for what ChatGPT is doing in a recent interview, calling the breakthroughs in AI tech the “iPhone moment of artificial intelligence.”

Huang was part of a “fireside chat” interview with Berkley Haas University, as reported by WCCTech, in which he shared much of his thoughts on trending AI technology like ChatGPT (which Microsoft has invested billions into and incorporated into Bing) and Google’s own competing Apprentice Bard.

“ChatGPT is a very very big deal,” Huang said. “Just think about it: In just a few days it has reached tens of millions of people. I think it's more than 5, probably less than 30 and the amazing thing is this, everyone is using it for different reasons and everyone finds it delightful. That's a miracle.”

NVIDIA DLSS technology in Death Stranding
NVIDIA has its own investment in AI technology such as DLSS, which uses AI learning to improve graphics and frame rates in games like Death Stranding.
Source: NVIDIA

Huang goes on to say that the recent advancements in AI have proven to create a breakout moment for the technology and its applications.

“The fact that you have this tool that can do all these different things is really surprising a lot of people around the world,” Huang continued. “Now for a lot of people who have been working on this, we have been waiting for this moment. This is the iPhone moment of artificial intelligence. This is the time when all those ideas within mobile computing and all that, it all came together in a product that everyone just kinda, I see it.”

NVIDIA is, of course, no stranger to AI technology and applications in its own products. Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) uses AI-learning and has been a major part of NVIDIA’s advancements in graphics technology, with the third generation of the tech being utilized now in games like Cyberpunk 2077 to great effect. For Huang, seeing breakthroughs in other fields of AI is clearly an exciting prospect.

Of course, Huang and NVIDIA are not alone in their recognition of the situation. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently said “the age of AI is upon us,” and many other tech firms seem to agree as investment flows into creating competitors to ChatGPT. As we watch to see where the tech trend goes, stay tuned for more updates here at Shacknews.

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