Apex Legends Mobile among the 2022 App Store Award winners

The mobile version of the battle royale hit was a big hit for Apple and won the award for iPhone Game of the Year.


Year-end award season is coming down the pipe fast and the folks at Apple have already handed out its honors for the App Store. The 2022 App Store Awards were named on Monday and featured winners from both standard apps and video games. The big eye-opener, from a gaming perspective, is Apex Legends Mobile, which is taking home Apple's top honors.

Apex Legends Mobile released back in May and brought EA and Respawn's battle royale to both iOS and Android devices. Developed by Tencent's Lightspeed and Quantum Studios, the game looks tremendous, enough to win honors for Best iPhone Game. It should be noted that it does exist in its own universe, so there is no crossplay with the PC and console versions. On top of that, its separate existence allows for the addition of exclusive characters.

Here are the other 2022 App Store Award recipients, as named on the Apple website:

  • iPhone App of the Year: BeReal (BeReal)
  • iPad App of the Year: GoodNotes 5 (Time Base Technology Limited)
  • Mac App of the Year: MacFamilyTree 10 (Synium Software GmbH)
  • Apple TV App of the Year: ViX (TelevisaUnivision Interactive, Inc)
  • Apple Watch App of the Year: Gentler Streak (Gentler Stories LLC)
  • iPhone Game of the Year: Apex Legends Mobile (Electronic Arts)
  • iPad Game of the Year: Moncage (X.D. Network Inc.)
  • Mac Game of the Year: Inscryption (Devolver Digital)
  • Apple TV Game of the Year: El Hijo (HandyGames)
  • Apple Arcade Game of the Year: Wylde Flowers (Studio Drydock Pty Ltd)
  • China Game of the Year: League of Legends Esports Manager (Shenzhen Tencent Tianyou Technology Ltd)
Inscryption wins the Mac Game of the Year 2022
Devolver Digital's Inscryption also took home a win for the Mac Game of the Year.
Source: Apple

Apple also recognized five apps and games for Cultural Impact with the criteria that they left a lasting impact on people's lives and influenced culture in a positive way. Those winners are How We Feel (How We Feel Project, Inc.), Dot's Home (Rise-Home Stories Project), Locket Widget (Locket Labs, Inc.), Waterllama (Vitalli Mogylevets), and Inua: A Story in Ice and Time (ARTE Experience).

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