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Does Apex Legends support cross platform multiplayer?

Gamers want cross platform multiplayer, but does Apex Legends deliver that feature?


Cross platform play is in high demand these days, and players are becoming more impatient with developers not giving them the feature they’ve been asking for. Whether it’s up to the console manufacturers or developers isn’t of gamer’s concern, and when it comes to Apex Legends, they’re asking the same question: is Apex Legends cross platform?

Is Apex Legends cross platform?

No, Apex Legends is not cross platform. Yet another highly anticipated game has succumbed to the politics of video game console manufactures, ensuring that gamers stick to their own camps. This means that if you download Apex Legends on PlayStation 4, you won’t be able to play with your friend who owns the game on PC or Xbox One. The same can be said for the latter two systems: no one can play together.

Because Apex Legends offers no cross platform functionality (as of this writing) players will need to decide what platform to play on before investing any money. Thankfully, Respawn Entertainment has made Apex Legends free-to-play, which means that if you have both consoles and friends split between the two, all you need to do is download Apex Legends on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

It’s worth noting that although players can theoretically download Apex Legends on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC and play on all three, there are no character transfers or cross saves. Any progress made on one account will not be transferred to an account on another system if you choose to switch units.

It feels like it’s inevitable that more multiplayer games embrace cross platform play, especially as Microsoft and Nintendo lead the charge with their friendship. For now though, Apex Legends is decidedly unsupportive of cross platform multiplayer, so unless you’ve got the same system as friends, you won’t be playing with them any time soon.

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