Phil Spencer excited at the prospect of new StarCraft & Warcraft

Spencer touches on the opportunity Blizzard classics like StarCraft and WarCraft hold during a recent interview with Wired.


Microsoft Gaming CEO, Phil Spencer, had a number of interesting thoughts to share during a recent interview with Wired centered around the 25th anniversary of Age of Empires. Among these thoughts, Spencer mentions how he’s excited about the prospect of new StarCraft and WarCraft entries.

That said, Spencer makes sure to clarify that he isn’t allowed to make decisions in regards to Activision Blizzard or King properties, and that he’s simply touching on the opportunity of what the future might hold, particularly for RTS classics like StarCraft. Asking Spencer about RTS games and whether there are plans for StarCraft, Spencer responds:

Image of StarCraft II showing a battle in a desert area
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Other interesting remarks shared by Spencer in the Wired interview include reference to Obsidian’s new game Pentiment, then going on to elaborate on how for properties like Age of Empires, “Progressing through history, from first person or third person, we don’t have anything like that in development right now.”

Spencer goes on to say that he feels the franchise is “deep enough” and has “enough awareness that you could think about doing different games in that historical progression setting, which is really what Age has been about.” For more on Phil Spencer’s thoughts on Age of Empires, what the future might hold for RTS classics like StarCraft, and more, be sure to read through the full Wired interview.

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