Phil Spencer confirms intention to bring Call of Duty, Overwatch & Diablo to Game Pass

It would seem Xbox will waste no time getting some of Activision's most popular franchises to Game Pass once the acquisition is complete.

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With Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard clear to proceed, but not quite settled yet, there is still time to talk about what happens after. Microsoft and Xbox are about to bring a massive stable of globally beloved IPs into its clutches. However, how fast will Xbox incorporate Acti-Blizz into its services? Apparently right away, if Phil Spencer has any say in the matter. The Xbox lead confirmed that Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Diablo are all coming to Game Pass services.

Phil Spencer shared this confirmation in a recent press release on the Microsoft On The Issues blog. According to Spencer, having Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Diablo as part of the Xbox and PC Game Pass programs sounds like settled business.

“Game Pass empowers developers to bring more games to more players, not fewer,” Phil Spencer wrote. “We intend to make Activision Blizzard’s much-loved library of games – including Overwatch, Diablo and Call of Duty – available in Game Pass and to grow those gaming communities. By delivering even more value to players, we hope to continue growing Game Pass, extending its appeal to mobile phones and any connected device.”

A view of battle in the game Overwatch 2.
Overwatch 2, Diablo 4, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are among the major releases that can be expected on Game Pass once the deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard is done.
Source: Activision Blizzard

It could very well have been assumed that Microsoft and Xbox would bring many of Activision Blizzard’s most popular franchises to Game Pass services as soon as possible. Once the deal is done, it seems very likely that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 reboot will end up there, as is likely with Overwatch 2. Diablo 4 may be a few years out in terms of release, but it seems we can expect that one in Game Pass too.

With some of Activision Blizzard’s biggest franchises headed to Xbox and PC Game Pass, it's likely we can expect large inclusions of further Acti-Blizz IP on the service in the long run. Stay tuned as we await the closure of the deal in what is expected to be spring 2023.

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    • reply
      September 1, 2022 10:45 AM

      Would be nice to go through some of the cod that I skipped in the past.

      • reply
        September 1, 2022 11:24 AM

        Sometimes you want a game that simply marches you from point A to point B without any fuss and guns going brrrrrrrrrrrr. I would welcome the addition of the CoD catalog on Game Pass.

        • reply
          September 1, 2022 6:25 PM

          The only campaign I've played post-MW2 is Black Ops, so I'd be down to play through the back catalog.

    • reply
      September 1, 2022 12:14 PM

      Not necessarily surprising but still just nuts that GamePass continues to grow like this. Simply cannot imagine buying a console without this kind of service now.

    • reply
      September 1, 2022 2:14 PM

      "Guys, we like money"

      Seems like they probably make money on software no matter where you play it. It is weird though that premiere MS-owned titles are going to show up on PlayStation. It's not like Naughty Dog stuff will ever be on Xbox.

    • reply
      September 1, 2022 6:08 PM

      Wait until they figure out to make Diablo a Gamepass exclusive. Now a game that used to cost $60 once can cost you $120 per year, indefinitely.

      • reply
        September 1, 2022 8:09 PM

        I don't think there are any Game Pass games that are exclusive to the subscription, you can always just buy the game outright.

        That said, people getting swayed into buying seasonal battle passes because the game already comes with a subscription will probably work really well

      • reply
        September 1, 2022 9:56 PM

        That analogy only makes sense if Diablo is the only game on game pass

    • reply
      September 1, 2022 9:13 PM

      I'm getting ready for some more Veteran play-throughs. Haven't had a good cursing streak for a while now.

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