Twitter bans several verified accounts for impersonating Elon Musk

A condition for paying $8 a month for verification is accepting you will be permanently banned if you impersonate another account.


Update: November 6, 2022 at 10:34 p.m. PT: More Twitter users have tested the limits of Elon Musk's allowance of parody accounts (and patience) including h3h3productions. The team updated the Twitter banner to read Parody Account, updated the profile picture, and changed the name to Elon Musk. The team then tweeted the following, "Even though Jeffery Epstein committed horrible crimes, I do still miss him on nights like this for his warmth and comradery. Rest In Peace old friend." Unsurprisingly, the h3h3productions Twitter account is now suspended.

Since Elon Musk’s announcement that Twitter verification would be tied to an $8 a month subscription fee for Twitter Blue, users have been testing the boundaries of this new system. Some of these users have found out that changing their name and making jokes as if they were Musk will result in a suspension from the platform.

On November 6, 2022, Elon Musk, now CEO of Twitter, took to the platform to inform users that changing a name to impersonate someone without clearly specifying it as a parody account will result in a permanent suspension.

This round of suspensions follows several users changing their names to Elon Musk and tweeting wildly crazy tweets. One would be forgiven for perhaps confusing these tweets with Musk’s own late-night posts.

Musk does note that Twitter used to provide a warning before suspension, but this new widespread verification system will offer no such luxuries. In fact, accepting this will be a condition when signing up for Twitter Blue. One does hope that this fastidious banning of impersonators goes both ways, not just to the ones that get under Elon Musk’s skin.

For those getting caught up, Elon Musk purchased Twitter for some $44 billion dollars, has slashed jobs in a bid to save money, and some reports state he is even looking to cut $1 billion in Twitter infrastructure.

jephjacques tweet pretending to be elon musk

Source: Twitter

As for the users who have been hit by this wave of bans, Twitter users Kathy Griffin and jephjacques are currently suspended following a few outlandish tweets. One tweet by jephjacques (seen above) mentions Grimes and Musk's body odur and asks that users not repost it. There was also one that joked about the remaining Twitter staff bullying Musk.

jephjacques pretending to be Elon Musk

Source: Twitter

Elon Musk has responded to Shibetoshi "Billy" Nakamoto that pseudonyms are fine and that the main point is that users cannot engage in "malicious deception". As for Kathy Griffin, Elon Musk said in a series of tweets, "Actually, she was suspended for impersonating a comedia. But if she really wants her account back, she can have it, for $8."

Elon Musk tweets

Source: Twitter

Elon Musk claims comedy is now legal on Twitter. The H3 Prodcast disagrees.

Now that comedy is legal on Twitter and Elon Musk, believer and advocate for free speech, is at the helm, it will be interesting to see what comes of the platform. Be sure to read over our Twitter page for a chronological look at what’s been happening with our favorite bird app.

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  • reply
    November 6, 2022 5:45 PM

    Sam Chandler posted a new article, Twitter bans several verified accounts for impersonating Elon Musk

    • Zek legacy 10 years legacy 20 years
      November 6, 2022 6:20 PM

      This is absolutely never going to stop now that it's proven to get under his skin. I hope he continues to see them and they aren't just auto banned or something.

    • reply
      November 6, 2022 8:17 PM

      We're just going to keep seeing whatever comes out of this guy's mouth from here and until forever aren't we.. the media's new darling

      • reply
        November 6, 2022 8:21 PM

        Don't know if "darling" is the right word. He sure is a spectacle, though.

        • reply
          November 6, 2022 8:42 PM

          And now ladies and gentlemen if I may have your attention for the greatest circus spectacle, brought to you by Amazon, for your entertainment tonight... an election that decides an entire country's fate, a singer that fell down the rabbit hole, and an egotistical billionaire that bought out a media empire! You will find the most outrageous reactions and comments throughout tonight's performances! Lets welcome them to tonight's discussion topics!

      • reply
        November 6, 2022 9:05 PM

        Nah, he'll probably fade when Trump announces his run for presidency again and the media has a new golden goose for the next 6 years.

        • reply
          November 7, 2022 6:31 AM

          He's already starting to get things rolling. Not long after the midterms I'm sure he will get up to full steam and we will be back to hearing his BS daily.

    • reply
      November 6, 2022 9:32 PM

      My incredibly well thought out verification subscription plan!!

    • reply
      November 6, 2022 9:56 PM

      Is he just his learning what all those people at Twitter did and why they did the things they did? “Oh, that was the point of verification!”

      Also can’t fathom the opportunity cost of him re-inventing every feature and getting into petty fights with strangers. What are his other companies doing? How many fans is he converting into enemies every day? How much is he poisoning the Tesla and space-x brands?

      It seems like he paid $44b to fuck himself.

    • reply
      November 6, 2022 10:01 PM

      pretty weird how a private company claims they get to redefine free speech

      I thought this was America

      • reply
        November 6, 2022 10:43 PM

        it'll be interesting fast forwarding a few years for the 4chan-tier commentary and ads for questionable supplements, mlm schemes, and anime figurines

    • reply
      November 6, 2022 11:44 PM

      Free speech is now legal on Twitter.... no not like that!

    • reply
      November 7, 2022 10:48 AM

      So they weren’t really verified?

      • reply
        November 7, 2022 10:54 AM

        Twitter no longer has a verification system

        • reply
          November 7, 2022 10:55 AM

          True. If everyone is verified by sending $8, no one is verified.

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