Overwatch 2 ices Mei for two weeks due to game-breaking bug

Blizzard is giving Mei the cold shoulder for the next few weeks due to an unintended bug.

Blizzard Entertainment

If you're playing Overwatch 2 and your main is Mei, you may want to sit down for this one. There's currently a bug involving the character that allows players to venture to places she shouldn't go, which means she needs to be sidelined for a little while. The bad news is, there isn't a fix coming anytime soon, so Mei's going to be benched for the next two weeks.

Here's the message from the Blizzard Customer Service Twitter account:

We are temporarily disabling Mei to address a bug with her Ice Wall ability that allows heroes to reach unintended locations. We are working to address these issues as quickly as possible and aim to bring Mei back in our next upcoming patch which is set for November 15.

Mei having a game-breaking bug isn't so much the issue. Things happen, especially with a newly-released title. It's the length of time that it's going to take to fix the issue that will likely rub players the wrong way, especially given that D.Va was simialrly disabled because of a game-breaking bug almost two years ago. That turnaround time was just a few hours. Overwatch 2 players have to wait a whopping two weeks is only going to add to the pile of launch issues the game has had, including DDoS attacks, an ill-advised SMS verification system, and wildly overpriced microtransactions.

This is without even getting into the topic of what this means for the Overwatch League, which is about to have its Grand Finals this coming weekend. Not having Mei available could potentially impact the competitive aspect of the game. Blizzard has yet to indicate what the Mei removal might mean for this weekend's competition.

The latest Overwatch 2 controversy is definitely worth keeping an eye on, so we'll continue to follow this story here at Shacknews. Stay tuned for any updates on Mei or the rest of the game as a whole.

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