Rocket League Season 8 begins next week with Honda Civic Type R

Rocket League Season 8 will feature a new Rocket Pass that includes the debuting Honda Civic Type R real-world vehicle.

Epic Games

With Season 7 about to come to a close, Rocket League is ready to move on to what's next. The start of Season 8 is right around the corner and will feature a new turf Arena, exciting new events, a brand new Rocket Pass that includes the real world Honda Civic Type R vehicle.

As noted on the Rocket League website, Season 8 is set to begin on Wednesday, September 7. Those who pick up the Rocket Pass Premium will immediately unlock the new Honda Civic Type R, based on its real world counterpart. Leveling this up over time will unlock the upgraded Honda Civic Type R-LE. You can learn more about what's coming to Rocket League on the Season 8 landing page.

Other additions to Season 8 include a new Arena. It's a turf venue called the Sovereign Heights Arena. The annual Haunted Hallows event is also expected over the course of the season. Look for more details on that as the holiday gets closer.

Sovereign Heights Arena in Rocket League Season 8
The new Sovereign Heights Arena, coming soon to Rocket League.
Source: Epic Games

The addition of the Honda Civic Type-R is not the first of its kind. Rocket League has been adding a slew of real-world vehicles over the past few years, including ones from BMW, Lamborghini, and even NASCAR and Formula 1. Earlier this week, the Ferrari 296GTB was made available to all players. However, it is one of the first instances of a consumer Honda vehicle being made part of the Rocket League lineup, which should prove exciting for Honda drivers.

We'll keep an eye on the exciting additions to Rocket League over the course of Season 8. For now, be sure to check out our own Rocket League topic page for the latest news and guides.

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