Rocket League announces collaboration with Lamborghini

A special Lamborghini Huracan STO is coming to Rocket League, as the luxury auto manufacturer gears up to sponsor this weekend's RLCS X North American Regional.


As Rocket League continues to grow, Psyonix continues to collaborate with some of the biggest automotive entities in the world. The latest deal is with the folks at Lamborghini, who will sponsor part of the Rocket League Championship Series X. As part of that deal, Psyonix will introduce the Lamborghini Huracan STO into the world of Rocket League.

The Lamborghini Huracan STO will be available as part of a special bundle. The bundle will contain the Huracan STO, Huracan STO Engine Audio, two sets of Huracan STO Wheels, Huracan STO Decal, Huracan STO Player Banner and Antenna, and the Lamborghini Antenna. The window to get this bundle will be extremely short. It will only be available from April 21-27 for 2,000 Credits. Those who don't want to part with any Credits can at least walk away with a Lamborghini Player Banner, which will be available for free.

Lamborghini will act as the sponsor for the upcoming RLCS X Lamborghini Open, which will be the final North American Regional for the Spring Split. As part of that event, Psyonix and Lamborghini will band together to throw the first Battle of the Bulls. The Battle of the Bulls will be a series of 1v1 exhibition matches held during the Lamborghini Open weekend. Winners will leave with $5,000 USD, while the losers will walk away with $1,000 USD.

Rocket League's Lamborghini partnership comes just a few weeks after developer Psyonix announced that it would bring NASCAR and Formula 1 items to the game as part of Season 3. Those items are set to debut in May.

The RLCS X Lamborghini Open will run this weekend, from April 23-25. You can learn more about the Lamborghini collaboration by checking out the Rocket League website.

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