Rocket League Season 3 adds NASCAR and Formula 1 in May

Rocket League's Season 3 is set to begin in a few weeks and will include one of the game's biggest collaborations to date.


Rocket League is revving up for the start of Season 3, which is set to begin in just a few weeks. While the release of a fresh Rocket League season is always exciting, developer Psyonix has something special lined up for the month of May. For the first time, the real-world vehicles of NASCAR and Formula 1 will be joining the action as part of a content drop scheduled for the middle of May.

Season 3's theme will center around the legacy of auto racing, which is where the new NASCAR and Formula 1 bundles come in. These individual sets will commemorate the history of competitive auto racing. Those who want to take a sneak peek at what the new bundles will contain can check out the latest Season 3 trailer, which can be found on the Rocket League website.

Of course, Season 3 will be out long before that and Psyonix has its own Rocket League-centric goodies to offer. The developer offered one taste of what players can expecting, showing off the new Tyranno car. This fresh vehicle will be available as part of the Season 3 Rocket Pass. Psyonix promises the full Rocket Pass reveal at some point next week.

Season 3 will also feature a total revamp for the DFH Stadium arena. To fit in with the season's theme, the new DFH Stadium (Circuit) will be decorated with a circular track, as well as other visuals that would reflect a NASCAR or F1 race. DFH Stadium (Circuit) will be available in Casual and Competitive Playlists, as well as Private Matches and Freeplay, upon Season 3's launch.

Rocket League has had its share of collaborations before, including others from the professional sports world. However, the addition of NASCAR and Formula 1 marks one of its biggest announcements to date, allowing players to take some of their favorite NASCAR and F1 vehicles and use them in a whole different way. This announcement wraps up what's been a busy week for Psyonix. Earlier in the week, the team announced its jump into the mobile gaming space with the upcoming Rocket League Sideswipe.

Look for Rocket League Season 3 to kick off on Wednesday, April 7. There are many more details to learn about what's coming to Rocket League. For now, be sure to check out the Rocket League Season 3 page for more details. Be sure to keep it here on Shacknews for the latest on Rocket League.

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