MultiVersus devs working on an 'anti-infinite system' to prevent TOD combos

An early and unready version of the anti-infinite system slipped into the latest build for MultiVersus among other unintentional inclusions.

MultiVersus continues to be a game with a lot of eyes on it due to its competent and fun additions to the platform fighter genre. Unfortunately, it’s had a bit of a rough week. The game got a big patch as part of Season 1, and then a bunch of things ended up broken, necessitating a hotfix. The culprit? Apparently, a lot of internal work-in-progress tweaks slipped into the public build, including an unready “anti-infinite system” built to stop touch-of-death (TOD) combos.

This system was revealed in an address of the issues with the MultiVersus Season 1 patch by game director Tony Huynh via his Twitter. Huynh took the time to apologize for a multitude of issues caused by the Season 1 patch, including one that caused Wonder Woman’s attacks to hurt herself and another that broke long combo strings entirely. The team implemented a server-side hotfix that was supposed to clean up these issues, but Huynh revealed that some of these systems were work-in-progress tweaks that were meant for a later update, including an “anti-infinite system” to prevent players from defeating another character in just one lengthy combo string (widely known in FGC as a touch-of-death or TOD combo).

MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh explains that the team is working on an
Tony Huynh explains that an early version of a system meant to prevent infinite combos accidentally slipped into the recent build of MultiVersus, causing major issues.
Source: Twitter

Player First Games has worked feverishly to balance out various rough edges of MultiVersus throughout its beta and Season 1 launch. Reeling in overperforming characters like Bugs Bunny and Taz have been part of that careful balancing act, but the devs still have a lot to do, which is a fact Huynh seems to fully recognize and remain transparent about.

Even so, MultiVersus is also under the microscope because it has a lot of players signed up and figuring out what’s broken and what’s not on the fly. With a major EVO tournament behind it and characters like Rick and Morty, Black Adam, and Stripe from Gremlins in the game’s future, stay tuned for more updates as they become available, such as when the anti-infinite system is actually complete and properly implemented.

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