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Elon Musk believes his grand vision for X could be fulfilled with Twitter deal

According to Musk, Twitter could be a 'three year accelerant' for his grand vision.


During the Tesla (TSLA) 2022 Annual Meeting of Stockholders, Musk spoke about his thoughts on the Twitter deal and mentioned his “grand vision” for X. According to Musk, he believes this vision for X could be fulfilled with the Twitter deal.

The Tesla (TSLA) 2022 Annual Meeting of Stockholders was an opportunity for stockholders to hear and vote on proposals as well as ask Elon Musk questions. During the Q&A segment, Musk spoke to his thoughts on Twitter, mentioning X (the name of one of his earlier companies) and how the two might relate. Take a look at his statement in the clip below, a transcript is provided further down.

Though vague, Musk’s comment on Twitter,, and his grand vision are quite intriguing:

I do sort of have a grander vision for what I thought or X Corporation could have been back in the day. It’s a pretty grand vision, and now obviously that could be started from scratch, but I think Twitter could help accelerate that by three to five years. It’s something I thought could be quite useful for a long time. I know what to do. Don’t have to have Twitter for that, but like I said, it’s probably at least a three year accelerant. I think it’s something that will be very useful to the world.

There’s really not a whole lot to go on here, but what we can do is make some guesses and look at what Musk has done in the past. Previously, became PayPal, a payment platform. Musk also seems to have an interest in crypto, with Tesla still owning Bitcoin despite liquidating 75 percent of its holdings.

Image shows Elon Musk pointing his thumbs outwards, uncertain look on his face
Despite some hiccups in the Twitter deal, Musk still seems to think the platform could be useful for his "grand vision".
Source: Britta Pedersen/Getty Images

In regards to Twitter, Musk is concerned with the number of bots on Twitter. Now, if a large portion of the install base are bots, it means you don’t have a lot of users. Presumably, the reason a social media platform helps a “grand vision” is with its userbase. Could Musk have plans for some sort of peer-to-peer payment network?

All of this is speculation based on some vague comments from a man who goads the SEC via tweets. But we want to know what you think. Use the Chatty thread below to give us your thoughts on what you think Musk’s grand vision is for X Corporation.

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