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Wonder Woman buffs will be part of MultiVersus' post-EVO 2022 update

Those hoping for Wonder Woman to get some polish on her Golden Lasso in MultiVersus will be happy to know she's getting buffed after EVO.

MultiVersus is going to be a tough game to balance. With various characters featuring all sorts of abilities and filling various niches in the game, it can’t be easy making sure they fit their roles while remaining fun to play. In fact, Wonder Woman players have felt the Justice League Amazon has felt underpowered. Player First Games apparently agrees too, because Wonder Woman is catching a buff in the post-EVO 2022 update.

Player First Games co-founder and MultiVersus director Tony Huynh shared word of Wonder Woman getting buffs in a recent Twitter thread. Huynh has already previously confirmed that a balance update is coming after EVO 2022, which should calm overpowered characters down and boost underperforming characters. Specifically, Bugs Bunny is on the list for another tweak to his overwhelming kit. That said, Huynh also went on to share that Wonder Woman is going to be one of the characters that is getting spruced up in the next patch, promising buffs that should make her more formidable in the game.

A conversation between MultiVersus director Tony Huynh and a fan confirming Wonder Woman buffs on the way.
MultiVersus director Tony Huynh confirmed that Wonder Woman will be among the characters getting buffed in a post-EVO 2022 balance update.
Source: Twitter

MultiVersus has seen quite a bit of curious rebalancing since the game came out. Taz took one of the first hits, reducing the effectiveness of his easily abusable side tornado special attack. Bugs Bunny was also nerfed in those patch notes, reducing the overall reach of his upward attack. However, many have argued that the nerfs to Bugs Bunny were hardly enough to undo the fact that the character is too all-around good right now. Nonetheless, with the recent update in play, it seems this current version is the one competitors will see at EVO 2022 when Player First and WB Games host a $100,000 USD side tournament.

Even so, it would seem there’s plenty of MultiVersus competition to experience down the line after EVO. Hopefully the upcoming update that happens after the festivities is good enough to balance things out and make the game more fun for fans, whether you’re playing Wonder Woman or Bugs. Stay tuned for those balance changes when they happen. We’ll have the patch notes for you right here at Shacknews.

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