MultiVersus is nerfing Bugs Bunny after EVO 2022

With many feeling like Bugs Bunny could use additional adjustments, a recent tweet from game director Tony Huynh suggests this is exactly what's going to happen.


Following a beefy nerf to Taz in a recent MultiVersus update, the question of who else might get nerfed has arisen. On Twitter, MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh hinted that Bugs Bunny is next up on the nerf chopping block.

Specifics in terms of how Bugs Bunny is going to be nerfed have yet to be shared, but we do know that the nerf will happen after EVO 2022 which runs from August 5 through August 7. “Nerfs inc after EVO, but Bugs Bunny will always be fun,” Huynh tweeted.

The upcoming nerf to Bugs isn’t the first time the character has been adjusted as just this week in the same V0.1 patch that nerfed Taz they also nerfed one of the moves for Bugs. Specifically, his neutral Air Up Attack, with the active window decreased by 2 frames. The reasoning provided in the patch notes explains, “The hitbox made it so that Bugs Bunny hit nearly all around himself. This should make the up air a bit more reasonable to deal with.”

Going back even further to the patch on July 19, the development team had also nerfed Lingering Love for Bugs Bunny, giving it a cooldown as previously, “Lingering Love was forcing opponents to permanently alter the way they played against Bugs Bunny and felt too oppressive.”

MultiVersus in-game battle showing Bugs Bunny using his bat to whack a box at Finn from Adventure Time.
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Even with these adjustments, many players feel that Bugs Bunny could still stand to use another nerf or two. Now that it’s been confirmed that Bugs is in fact getting another nerf, it’ll be interesting to see what exactly gets nerfed, and whether any other MultiVersus characters will receive nerfs alongside Bugs.

What are your thoughts? What adjustments would you like to see made to Bugs Bunny? Let us know in Chatty! For more on MultiVersus, be sure to read through our previous coverage of the MultiVersus V0.1 patch.

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