Weekend Discussion - June 19, 2022

It's Sunday, which means you have one sleep left until Monday is here. But don't dwell on tomorrow, let's think about the fun we've had today!


Hey Shacknews, it's time for Weekend Discussion. It's been a massive week as Shacknews E6 2022 kicked off and came to its conclusion. We hope you've enjoyed the content as much as we did creating it. We can't wait to see what lies ahead. What a fantastic hobby we all have in video games. Let's officially close out our weekend with some videos, something to laugh at, and some tunes! Please take a look.

Retail Therapy with Limited Run Games

As part of our Shacknews E6 2022 celebration, we teamed up with Limited Run Games for an extremely special episode of Retail Therapy. We had the privilege of speaking with Josh and Doug about retro gaming, and even dove into some of our pieces. Let us know in the thread below what you've got kicking around in your own retro stash!

System Shock Remake developer interview

System Shock is one of those titles that pathed the way for a lot of modern games. For those that might have missed the window to play the original, it can be tough to go back and play an OG version, but Nightdive Studios has a solution. The team is currently working on a System Shock Remake, which will no doubt help newer gamers revisit the game in a more user-friendly way. Plus, updated visuals always makes old games more appealing.

The smallest theme park

The mad lad is at it again, creating theme parks using some outlandish restrictions. In this video, ambiguousamphibian attempts to create a theme park starting with only one tile. These videos sure are nostalgic. I miss the original RollerCoaster Tycoon games. Perhaps it's time to go back and boot it up once more.

A look at Pluto

It's time for some space talk. This is a 30 minute video, so I would recommend you kick back, relax, and enjoy the show as Astrum dives into the history of the New Horizon's mission. Our Solar system is incredible, but there's still so much about the universe we don't know. 

And now... Other Stuff From The Internet!

Sugar glider is flying

Falling, with style!

Are these vacuum points always active?

What if you got your eye sucked out?

Banning books?

Next thing you tell me they're doing a book burning. Read banned books!

Hold my beer energy

Is this a strike?

Weekend Vibes

What I'm listening to...

Here’s some Shacknews articles from this week

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