Starfield features over 1,000 planets for players to explore

Get your spaceship ready because there will also be more than 100 systems to fly to in Starfield.


Xbox’s “one last thing” was a fresh look at Starfield, presented by none other than Todd Howard. During this presentation, Howard revealed the scope of Starfield, stating that there will be more than 1,000 planets for players to explore throughout 100 different star systems. Take a look at the entire discussion below.

Starfield has been in development for years now, with the team at ZeniMax filing a trademark for the name back in 2016. Since then, fans got an official announcement at E3 2018 before a larger look at the game in 2021. But now, Bethesda has given a significantly grander look at the game, including information on combat, crafting, and base building as well as shipbuilding and space combat. But sci-fi games rely on vast worlds across space, so it’s a good thing Starfield features over 1,000 planets

Howard revealed that Starfield will have a massive scope, the biggest the team has ever undertaken. The gameplay reveal showed us a planet called Jemison, which featured a main hub called Atlantis, but players can also land anywhere on the planet. Not only that but the other planets in the system can be visited. But space is big, so it’s not just Alpha Centauri that players will be visiting, but over 100 systems full of planets to trek across.

Who knows what secrets and oddities we’ll be discovering on our journey across Starfield? But one thing’s for sure, you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be covering it extensively here at Shacknews. So to ensure you don’t miss anything, check out our Starfield page.

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