Starfield shows off shipbuilding & spaceship combat

The game lets you build your own customizable spaceship that you can use in battle.


During the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, an extended look at Starfield was shown which includes a multitude of notable features. Among these features is the ability for players to create their very own customizable spaceship. Not only can you create your own spaceship as you see fit, you can also fly your ship around space and use it in combat.

Starfield shows off shipbuilding & spaceship combat

Elaborating further on what players can expect from Starfield, it was noted that you can choose your spaceship's crew members, and you can "completely customize the look and layout" of your spaceship.

There are reportedly "loads of different modules, ship manufacturers and more" on offer when it comes to spaceship building, which seems like it'll open things up to a wild amount of customization options that'll be fun to play around with in and of themselves.

Seriously, we can picture ourselves putting an exorbitant amount of time into Starfield's shipbuilding alone. Of course, building your own spaceship is only one part of the Starfield experience, with other elements being how the ship performs in areas such as engines, shields, and weapons systems. As for why these matter, it's because you can fly the spaceship you've created, and even use it in combat. 

To see shipbuilding and ship combat in action, be sure to watch the full gameplay reveal for Starfield below.

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