Annapurna Interactive Showcase will return in late July

Annapurna Interactive's dedicated show was such a hit last year, it's going to return for an encore.


Following a Summer Game Fest Day of the Devs stream filled with dozens of indie game reveals, there was one last, last announcement to close the show on. Annapurna Interactive wanted to let viewers know that while it won't be part of this officially unofficial "E3" season of directs, a new Annapurna Interactive Showcase is on its way.

Before Thursday's Day of the Devs rolled credits, Annapurna Interactive announced that its Showcase filled with indie titles under its publishing umbrella will return in July. Recall that last year's show was filled with some of the most memorable indie games from 2021. That included Twelve Minutes, The Artful Escape, Last Stop, and Outer Wilds' lone DLC expansion.

While new reveals are certainly expected, remember that Annapurna Interactive has a handful of games that are set to release imminently in the months ahead. That includes Stray (which is set to release on July 19), Neon White, and Thirsty Suitors, among many others.

Annapurna Interactive Showcase
Stray was one of the big breakouts of last year's Annapurna Interactive Showcase

The 2022 edition of the Annapurna Interactive Showcase will air on Thursday, July 28 at 12:00 p.m. PT/3:00 p.m. ET. You'll be able to watch the whole thing on the Annapurna Interactive Twitch channel and Annapurna Interactive YouTube channel. There's a lot more to cover throughout the next few days, so be sure to keep it on Shacknews for all of the latest updates.

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