Thirsty Suitors from Falcon Age studio revealed at The Game Awards 2021

It's a tale of growth and reflection in this new turn-based RPG from the makers of Falcon Age.


After putting together the bird-based adventure Falcon Age a few years ago, developer Outerloop Games has gotten thirsty. That's why they're joining up with publisher Annapurna Interactive for their next project. During Thursday's Game Awards presentation, players were treated to a first look at a new turn-based action RPG called Thirsty Suitors.

Thirsty Suitors follows a woman named Jala, who's fresh off coming home from her sister's wedding. As is sometimes the case when someone attends such a momentous occasion, she begins to reflect back on her own life. As it turns out, Jala has a lot of regrets stemming from her childhood and that includes a lot of broken relationships. Thirsty Suitors will see Jala look to confront those exes, who have all banded against her, while she also seeks to become her best self, all within a turn-based RPG setting. On top of that, players can expect to find skateboarding sections and cooking challenges, which will all combine to create an eclectic package. Think of this as a Scott Pilgrim-like, especially once the wild visuals begin to spring up over the course of this trailer.

Thirsty Suitors is early in development, so don't expect to see it released anytime soon. The trailer ends with a note that it's "coming soon," so expect to learn more in the months ahead. Shacknews is watching The Game Awards all night, so keep it here for all of the latest reveals.

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