Street Fighter 6 confirmed for Xbox release in new trailer

The latest Street Fighter generation will not be skipping Xbox this time.


Street Fighter 6 ended up being one of the major pieces of Thursday's PlayStation State of Play presentation. Based on this and based on Street Fighter 5 being fully console-exclusive, it was reasonable to expect the same for this newest entry to the series. However, the end of the latest Street Fighter 6 trailer shows the full list of supported platforms and they include PC, PlayStation, and indeed, Microsoft's Xbox Series X|S.

There were questions surrounding Street Fighter 6's platforms going all the way back to the game's first reveal back in February. That teaser only featured logos, but no official platforms. With Thursday's trailers, Xbox fans can rejoice in knowing that this newest Street Fighter generation will not skip their console of choice.

While there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding what Street Fighter 6 will ultimately look like, Thursday's State of Play show started clearing the picture up a little more. While users can expect plenty of traditional 1v1 clashes, it also looks like the game will feature some sort of open-world single-player component to it.

"Street Fighter 6 contains three foundational pillars, each with multiple features or additional modes under them," reads the post on the Capcom website. "In Fighting Ground, you will get the classic (and upgraded) fighting game experience, complete with the core modes you expect. The other two pillars are exciting new additions to the series. World Tour is a single-player immersive story mode that pushes the boundaries of what a fighting game is and allows you to leave your own legacy within Street Fighter 6 with your player avatar. Battle Hub, which was briefly shown at the end of Announce Trailer, will also offer players new and unique ways to engage and communicate. Both World Tour and Battle Hub will require a deeper dive in the future, so keep an eye out!"

As for the cast, players got a second look at leading character Luke and the new-look Ryu, but also got to check out a more mature Chun-Li and an all-new addition to the cast named Jamie, a breakdancer who seeks to follow the path of SF3 veterans Yun and Yang.

As some originally guessed back in the February reveal, Street Fighter 6 will not be ready for this year. Capcom's latest entry to arguably its most recognized fighting game will arrive in 2023 on PC (via Steam), PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S. For more on today's presentation, be sure to check out our full State of Play recap.

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