Street Fighter 5's final DLC character is an all-new boxer named Luke

There's only one character left for all of Street Fighter 5 and he's an all-new entry to the franchise.


There's just one more DLC fighter left before Street Fighter 5 calls it a day. While Tuesday's Street Fighter 5 Summer Update 2021 stream had a lot to say about upcoming characters Oro and Akira, there was one more reveal that Capcom had up its sleeve. That reveal was the game's final character, an all-new addition to the franchise named Luke.

"From what we can see, Luke appears to focus on moving fast and hitting hard," reads the post on Capcom-Unity. "His punches even shoot beam-like projectiles at an alarming speed! Luke will step into the ring November 2021, and we can't wait to share more info about him soon!"

At the moment, little else is known about Luke. His backstory, his origins, and his exact fighting style are unknown, though that "USA" on his trunks indicates that he's an American fighter. Expect to hear more about Luke down the road, but for now, start to think about how broken his projectiles look. Also, Capcom notes that Luke will "help expand the world of Street Fighter," as if they're referring to the franchise itself. Make of that what you will.

Other major reveals from the Street Fighter 5 Summer Update 2021 include a closer look at Street Fighter 3's Oro. Viewers were witness to Oro's "Onibi" V-Skill I, which is an orb that looks similar to his Yagyodama Super Art from his original game. His V-Skill II is "Minomushi," which takes advantage of Oro's freakish agility. This short hop can keep players on their toes right before Oro whacks them with an overhead or a powerful kick.

Oro's V-Trigger I is Manrikitan, which gievs him access to a powerful command grab that can be executed on the ground or in mid-air. His V-Trigger II is Tengu Stone, which summons three random objects over Oro's head. Those objects can be used as standalone hits or as a way to extend combos.

Akira from Rival Schools also had a big presence during Capcom's Tuesday stream. Her full moveset from her old game is available for use, given the usual Street Fighter twists, like EX versions and the like. Her V-Skill I is "Kiko Rensei," which enhances her Kiko Kai projectile by adding more hits and enhancing damage. Her V-Skill II is "Tsutenda," which launches Akira's opponents into the air for Marvel-style combos.

Akira's V-Trigger I is a fun one for fans of Rival Schools, as Otoko No Senaka will bring her brother Daigo down from the skies, slamming opponents along the way. Daigo's attacks cannot be interrupted, which means he can even rescue Akira if she's in trouble. Her V-Trigger II is "Haten no Kamae," which switches Akira's fighting stance for three potential follow-up moves.

Both Oro and Akira will release simultaneously, alongside the new Rival Riverside stage, pulled straight out of Rival Schools. That will all be available for anyone with the latest season pass. However, those who don't want to part with any extra money can look forward to a free Online Tournament Mode. This will allow players to create their own online tournaments with friends and Dojo members with dozens of custom options. The Online Tournament Update will also arrive the same day as Akira and Oro.

Street Fighter 5 will drop Akira and Oro, as well as the new Rival Riverside stage, on Monday, August 16 for anyone with the Season 5 Character Pass. That piece of DLC is going for $24.99 USD and also includes Dan, Rose, and Luke. Speaking of Luke, look for him to round out the Street Fighter 5 roster in November.

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