Street Fighter 5 will conclude character DLC with 'Season V'

Champion Edition is not the end for Street Fighter 5's DLC train, as it turns out, as Capcom has one last Season V planned to wrap up this generation.


It was assumed by more than a few people that Capcom was bringing Street Fighter V's DLC train to its final destination with the release of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. This, after all, is the complete collection of everything released for the PlayStation 4-generation fighter. So it'd make sense if everything came to an end with that compilation. But it now appears that Capcom has one final round of DLC characters planned and it's appropriately going to wrap up with a fifth season called "Season V."

"Due to the positive reception to Season 4 and Champion Edition, we are planning to do a final Season 'V', which will add 'V' more fighters to the roster," reads the announcement on Capcom-Unity. "Three new stages are also being planned."

The announcement of five more characters is an intriguing one, not just because it looked like Street Fighter V: Champion Edition would be the final collection of everything, but because so much of the Street Fighter mythos has been covered already. There are only a few characters from the Street Fighter series who have not been featured, but there are still some demands for popular Street Fighter III characters like Makoto, Dudley, and Hugo, so this may be their chance to join the fray. It could mean a chance for Capcom to potentially experiment with all-new characters to the series. Or the publisher could enter totally uncharted territory and join other fighting game series like Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat 11, and SoulCalibur VI in inviting a special guest character from another universe. Heck, they could even keep the fun exchange program with Bandai Namco going and have a Tekken 7 fighter join the cast, just as Akuma joined Tekken 7 years ago.

While Capcom isn't kicking off Season V anytime soon, it has released the special EX09 color for all Street Fighter V characters, free of charge.

There is no set time for when Season V will go live, but Capcom notes that more information about Street Fighter V's future is coming later this summer. That should fall right in the middle of the fully-online Capcom Pro Tour, which may be home to one or two announcements. There's also the possibility that EVO Online may be host to the big Season V reveal. We'll follow this story as it develops, so stay tuned.

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