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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition collects the full package in February

If there's just too much DLC in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, a new complete collection is set to help out, as Capcom unveils Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.


Capcom Cup 2019 is set to take place in less than a month, but Capcom isn't waiting for the biggest tournament of the year to unveil some major Street Fighter V news. Have you been looking to get into Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, but feel like there's too much post-release content to really dive in? How about a more complete collection? Capcom is ready to offer that with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

Unveiled at this year's North America Regional Finals, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition looks to collect almost everything from Street Fighter V released to this point. It'll have all 40 characters released to this point, as well as 34 stages and over 200 costumes. Now it won't have everything, because there are still some items that Capcom considers to be premium content. That includes the Capcom Pro Tour DLC, brand collaboration costumes, and of course, the Fighting Chance costumes. The latter are tied to some extremely difficult challenges and aren't meant for just anyone, so Capcom still makes players want to feel like they've earned those costumes.

This will be more than just a complete collection, however. Champion Edition will also introduce big changes to the way SFV is played. Each character is going to receive a second V-Skill, which promises to change the way players approach each of their favorite characters.

What does this mean for those who own Street Fighter V already? If you own either Street Fighter V or Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, you'll still get any new game modes or balance updates for free going forward. That includes the new V-Skill 2. And if there's any new DLC, you can still pick them up separately or with Fight Money, as has always been the case.

This also doesn't mark the end of new characters, as Capcom also unveiled Street Fighter V's next character: Gill, the big bad from Street Fighter III. We'll have more on Gill shortly.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is set to release on February 14. More information is available on Capcom-Unity. And remember, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is free to try right now on Steam.

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