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Discover the location shown on the Weathered Map in Elden Ring.


The Weathered Map is a ragged scrap of map in Elden Ring that shows a part of the land. Working out what the map is depicting is tough, as there isn’t a lot of detail and it’s faded and torn. Finding the Weathered Map location is critical for progressing Seluvis’ questline.

Weathered Map location

elden ring pidia shop weathered map

The Weathered Map can be purchased from Pidia, Carian Servant in Caria Manor, the building in the north of Liurnia of the Lakes. Pidia is found inside a building that is accessed by dropping down the cliff to the southeast of the Three Sisters (where Ranni’s questline takes place).

elden ring find pidia
You can see Pidia's workshop entrance from the cliff along the south of Three Sisters.

Drop from the cliff down to the rooftop. Use the wooden platforms along the side of the building to drop down further. There is a ladder connecting the roof to Pidia's workshop. Enter the workshop to find Pidia and a bunch of puppets. If you arrive here and Pidia is dead, you can take his Bell Bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold and purchase the map from them.

elden ring weathered map
After buying the rolled up Weathered Map, you can see the full picture in your Inventory under Info. There's not a lot of detail to go on.

As for the Weathered Map location solution, the map shows stars falling from the sky but only one of them crashing into the ground. The location it crashes is a place in the Altus Plateau. The area is northeast of Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace, north of the huge set of stairs leading up to the capital.

elden ring weathered map location
The Weathered Map is pointing to a location in Altus Plateau, specifically a ravine right in the middle.

You are looking for a ravine, just north of Stormcaller Church and south of Sainted Hero’s Grave. It’s a slightly darker area of the map that looks like an oval. This ravine can be accessed from the road by the Altus Highway Junction and through a natural tunnel or by dropping down from above.

Inside the ravine you will find some land octopus enemies and a statue. The item you’ll find here is the Amber Starlight Key Item. This can be given to Seluvis to progress his questline. If you have already progressed down Ranni’s questline and given her the Fingerslayer Blade, Seluvis will be dead.

With the Weathered Map location found, you’re free to continue on your merry way. There are plenty more things to discover in the game, like solutions to the Converted Fringe Tower and the paintings, like Resurrection. Stop by our Elden Ring strategy guide for answers to many of the game’s mysteries.

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