PlayStation VR2 allegedly delayed to 2023

Reportedly, PlayStation and Apple's latest VR ventures may not be coming out this year.


One of the more interesting stories going on in gaming technology is the upcoming PlayStation VR2. Sony’s latest PlayStation-powered headset is set to be a big step forward for PSVR technology, including new motion controls, inside-out tracking, a single wire setup, and PS5 features like 3D sound and adaptive triggers. However, it may very well be that we won’t see the PSVR2 in 2022. According to recent reporting, Sony's PSVR2 and Apple's planned VR hardware have been delayed to 2023.

Word of delay on the Sony’s PSVR2 and Apple’s upcoming VR venture was reported via display supply chain analyst Ross Young on his personal Twitter and via the Display Supply Chain blog. The core of Young’s recent tweet suggests that VR shipments are set to increase throughout 2022. However, an interesting addendum to that was the suggestion that this increase would occur “despite delays to 2023 at Apple and Sony.” While Apple has not revealed any particular VR product in official capacity, there was already previous rumors that whatever VR plans Apple has could be delayed into 2023. The implication for Sony seems to be directly related to the PlayStation VR2. As such, many speculate Young is claiming the PSVR2 has also been delayed to 2023.

The reveals of the PSVR2 began with a look at its new controllers that utilize PS5 haptics and adaptive trigger technology.
The reveals of the PSVR2, now possibly delayed to 2023 began with a look at its new controllers that utilize PS5 haptics and adaptive trigger technology.

The trickle of information about the PSVR2 has been slow, but steady. PlayStation first started showing tech for the next PlayStation VR technology back in 2021 with the reveal of the device’s new “orb” motion controllers. Sony would eventually confirm the PSVR2’s development at CES 2022, and later give us a look at its final design. However, we had yet to get an official release date for the PSVR2, apparently for good reason.

If Ross Young’s allegations are correct, we could be looking at next year before the PSVR2 launches. Sony has not officially announced any delays at this time, so stay tuned as we continue to follow this story for further updates.

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