Homing Instinct painting solution - Elden Ring

Here's the solution to the Homing Instinct painting in Elden Ring.


FromSoftware delivered a game full of secrets to unravel with Elden Ring. One of the many wonders of the game is its paintings, which serve as environmental puzzles that are solved by finding certain locations around the map. If you’ve been stuck on the Homing Instinct painting in Elden Ring, we have your solution right here.

Homing Instinct painting solution - Elden Ring

The Homing Instinct painting can be found at the Artist's Shack in Limgrave.

To begin solving the Homing Instinct painting, you’ll need to grab the painting itself from the Artist’s Shack in Limgrave. Make sure you don’t skip this step, as it's required for finishing the puzzle and claiming the reward.

elden ring homing instinct
The solution area for the Homing Instinct painting in Elden Ring.

The solution area for the Homing Instinct painting is also in Limgrave, just southeast of the Stranded Graveyard, where you emerge at the beginning of the game. Follow the cliff along to find some ruins. You're looking to find the archway that frames the Minor Erdtree in the distance. You’ll see the ghost of the artist in the chair, pointing at the scenery that inspired the painting. Once he vanishes, you’ll see a rare item appear on the ground.

The location for the Homing Instinct painting solution.

The reward for solving the Homing Instinct painting is the Incantation Scarab. This headpiece is a bit strange, as it has negative base stats for all damage negation. However, it also decreases the mana cost for incantations. It looks a bit silly on your head but may be worth it for players eager to save all the mana they can.

Don’t forget to follow the first step of the puzzle. If you try to skip actually grabbing the painting, you won’t be able to trigger the rest of the puzzle and claim its reward.

That’s how you solve the Homing Instinct painting in Elden Ring. There are four other painting puzzles in the game, including Flightless Bird, Redmane, Resurrection, and Sorcerer. Also, be sure to keep a bookmark for Shacknews’ Elden Ring strategy guide for more help on your journey through The Lands Between.

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