Sorcerer painting solution - Elden Ring

Here's where you can find the solution for the Sorcerer painting in Elden Ring.


Elden Ring throws an onslaught of challenges at players. While most of these have to deal with the tough enemies featured throughout the world, it also includes some tough puzzles. One of the puzzles in The Lands Between surrounds the Sorcerer painting, which tasks players with finding the location depicted in a painting. Let’s look at how you can solve the Sorcerer painting in Elden Ring.

Sorcerer painting solution - Elden Ring

elden ring sorcerer painting
The map location for the Sorcerer painting solution area.

To solve the Sorcerer painting in Elden Ring, you will first need to obtain the painting from Castle Sol, located in the northern region of the map. You’ll have to obtain this first in order to complete the rest of the puzzle.

The area depicted in the Sorcerer painting is located just southwest of Castle Sol, beside a shack. Make your way here and you’ll find the solution area for the Sorcerer painting. The snowy cliff overlooks a bridge as well as a partially destroyed structure. Your reward for completing the Sorcerer painting is the Greathood, which you can acquire by approaching the ghost of the painter, who will drop the reward after its animation. This piece of headgear will boost both Intelligence and Faith attributes at the sacrifice of some HP. It’s a great pick-up for magic-users or any Int/Faith-based builds.

Keep in mind that you need to accomplish the first step in order to complete the Sorcerer painting puzzle. You can’t just skip directly to the solution area.

Now that you know how to solve the Sorcerer painting in Elden Ring, you can cross another puzzle off your checklist. If you plan on making your way through all of the game’s art-related puzzles, we’ve got the solutions for the Flightless Bird and Redmane paintings here on Shacknews. On that same note, be sure to bookmark our Elden Ring strategy guide for everything you need.

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