Redmane painting solution - Elden Ring

Here's the full solution to the Redmane painting in Elden Ring.


Elden Ring’s open world is filled with wonders to be discovered. Many of them come in the form of puzzles, as FromSoftware has no shortage of tasks that will force players to use their smarts. This includes the game’s various paintings, which require you to find specific locations in The Lands Between. Let’s get into how you can solve the Redmane painting puzzle in Elden Ring.

Redmane painting solution - Elden Ring

elden ring redmane painting sellia

To start the Redmane painting, you need to first grab the painting from Sellia, Town of Sorcery, which can be found in Caelid. Make sure you don’t skip this step, as the solution will not work if you don’t first obtain the painting itself.

The solution area for the Redmane painting can be found northeast of Forth Faroth.
The solution area for the Redmane painting can be found northeast of Forth Faroth.

The solution for the Redmane painting is also located in Caelid, not too far away. Found just northeast of Fort Faroth, players will see a cliff that overlooks a desert area, with broken arches just in front of it. This is the same structure found in the painting. This is the solution area for the Redmane painting.

elden ring redmane painting solution location
Head south from the sorcerer tower in Caelid and drop off the edge to find the Redmane painting solution.

Your reward for solving the Redmane painting puzzle is Rain of Arrows Ash of War. You may recognize this powerful ability as it was used by General Radahn during his boss fight. You can equip the Ash of War to a Shortbow, Longbow, or Greatbow at a Site of Grace. It will allow you to call upon spectral arrows to rain down on your enemies during combat.

As a reminder, you need to first grab the painting in order to initiate the puzzle, as stated earlier. You can not skip directly to the solution area.

That’s the Redmane painting solution for Elden Ring. It’s just one of several similar paintings found in the game, which also includes the Flightless Bird painting. As you spend time in FromSoftware’s open-world RPG, swing by our Elden Ring strategy guide for all your needs!

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