Organizations you can donate to in support of Ukraine

And a list of gaming companies that have shown their support for Ukraine.


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been a center focus around the world, with people from all over the globe coming together to show their support of Ukraine in a variety of ways. Notably, by donating to causes that help the people of Ukraine, such as the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Additionally, gaming companies have stepped up to show their support of Ukraine through donations and the cessation of game sales in Russia and Belarus. If you’re looking to join the effort in supporting Ukraine, but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve included a list of organizations you can donate to.

Organizations you can donate to in support of Ukraine

You can also support causes outside of Ukraine that are working to help Ukrainian people, including those in Poland with Poland actively accepting Ukrainian refugees and providing support to the people of Ukraine. Polish gaming company CD Projekt Red donated 1 million PLN to one of these organizations, Polska Akcja Humanitarna (PAH). 

After donating to one or more of those organizations, you may also find yourself curious as to which gaming companies have shown their support of Ukraine thus far, and whether your favorites are among them.

Below, we’ve listed as many of these companies as we could find, along with links to where you can read the statements provided by these companies and how they’ve shown their support for Ukraine.

Gaming companies that have shown their support for Ukraine

You can also read more about the efforts made by the likes of Dogecoin and developers like John Romero in support of Ukraine, along with statements from the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine calling for Microsoft and Sony to halt sales in Russia

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