ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest demo event launches next week

Xbox users are about to receive a special opportunity to try out 35 demos for some exciting future indie games.


It's not everyday that massive demo events come to consoles. However, it looks like Xbox has been taking a look over at what Steam has been doing and decided that it wants a piece of that action. On Friday, the team at ID@Xbox announced that it would be launching a special event called ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest, which will feature dozens of playable demos for some of 2022's upcoming indie titles.

As noted by Xbox Wire, the ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest event will be held in conjunction with The Game Awards. As such, look for it to kick off on Tuesday, December 7 and feature 35 playable demos, which will be playable on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Similar to the Steam Game Festivals on PC, these demos will consist of early access footage, which will offer a small taste of games that are set to release much farther down the road.

The full list of games isn't available just yet, but the titles that have been revealed should draw the interest of many Xbox owners. Leading the pack is Nobody Saves the World, which was revealed earlier this year by the makers of the Guacamelee series. One intriguing item to note about this specific demo is that it will feature full online co-op in order to offer a taste of its unique and varied classes.

Other confirmed titles include Loot River, from, which features procedurally-generated labyrinths that combines roguelike elements with the block-shifting of a game like Tetris; Death Trash, which is currently on Steam Early Access from developer Crafting Legends, which is a classically-stylized isometric RPG in a post-apocalyptic world of horrors; Blacktail, which is The Parasite's exploration of Baba Yaga's dark origins; and The Tale of Bistun, from Black Cube Games, which adapts the Persian tale of Khosrow and Shirin.

The ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest will run from December 7 through December 21. If you're on PC, don't feel left out. The Steam Next Fest will return in February 2022.

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