Nobody Saves the World is Drinkbox Studios' new action-RPG

The developers behind Guacamelee! have revealed their newest upcoming action-RPG, Nobody Saves the World.


Drinkbox Studios is back with a new action-RPG. The team behind Guacamelee! is returning in full force with a brand-new adventure titled Nobody Saves the World. We got our first look at the game during todays ID@Xbox Twitch Gaming Showcase.

In Nobody Saves the World, players will step into the shoes of Nobody, a fairly non-descript humanoid that happens upon a magical wand that apparently belongs to the great Nostramagus, a powerful wizard who protects the land from vicious monsters and The Calamity, some unknown evil we don’t know much about yet.

Throughout the story, players will explore a large overworld similar to Legend of Zelda games, and it they will be able to take the form of many different characters like rats, rangers, and more. These forms will be important as players explore and fight within dungeons that are flooded with monsters.

Builds will be an important part of the gameplay, according to an interview with the developers during the showcase. If players head into a dungeon and find themselves struggling, they can always return to the beginning after the perish, allowing them to create a new build that will be able to face the dangers that await them within.

Interested players should check out the trailer above. There’s no official release date just yet, but Drinkbox did say that it will release on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC very soon. Nobody Saves the World will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.

For more news and announcements from this month’s ID@Xbox Twitch Gaming Showcase, be sure to head back over to our main news hub. We’ve already received more info about games like The Wild at Heart, Moonglow Bay, and Craftopia.

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